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General image of many pieces of paper in different color places on table with scissors and tape.

Lunch Box Notes

What better way to show your kid you love them than with a healthy mom-packed school lunch and a quick pick-me-up OMO Lunch Box Note? We know you want your kids to have a good day at school. You send them off, wave goodbye, and hope to yourself that they will make lots of new friends, learn all sorts of cool stuff, and do it all without getting into too much trouble along the way.

That’s why the team at OMO have created these lunchbox printables to send your kids a quick laugh, or a little encouragement in a healthy lunch you made them. Right click here to download the OMO Lunch Box Notes.

If you're looking for more ways to get your kids excited about learning, why not check out OMO Fast Kids? It's a great way for your child to test out their maths skills any time, anywhere, using the Fast Kids App. You'll get to see how they progress, and they'll even earn rewards.

Click the link to learn more!

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