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Jewellery Making: Friendship Bracelets for Kids

Does your child want to give a homemade gift to a friend? Jewellery making is a great thing to learn together - learn how to make a bracelet here.

Who is your child’s best friend – other than you, of course? There’s nothing like watching your little one forge their first relationships outside the home, whether they’re at school, at a sports club or at camp over the summer. And what better way to cement the bonds of friendship than with a gift? Friendship bracelets are a brilliant thing to encourage your child to make – they’re creative, they can be personalised easily, and they can be made with nothing more than a few pieces of thread.

Home jewellery making is a perfect activity for children aged 5 years and up so why not take a look at our tips and ideas on how to make a friendship bracelet following a simple knotting method? And remember: there are lots of different ways to make friendship bracelets so once they’ve got the hang of this easy style you can move on to more complicated options.

How to make friendship bracelets

Safety warning: Make sure that you supervise your children when using sharp objects, like scissors or pins. Secure any safety pins before your child gets to work!  

Before you start:

  1. Select your thread – if you have embroidery floss then three or four different coloured strings of this are ideal, but you could also use thin string or twine in different colours.
  2. Cut your thread – a nice long length (2-3 feet) of each colour is ideal for making friendship bracelets. Remember, longer is better – shortening thread that’s too long is much easier than adding length!
  3. Gather your thread – find the middle, and fold it in half, so three strands of thread become six. Tie a knot about an inch underneath the fold – you should be left with a loop above your strands of thread. This will be the top of your friendship bracelet.
  4. Secure your loop to a surface – you could use a bulldog clip to attach it to the lip of a desk, or tape it to a table, or use a safety pin to fasten it to a secure piece of fabric.

Now you’re ready to begin!

How to make a bracelet with thread:

  1. Separate the colour you want to start with from the rest of the thread. Gather the other strings together in your hand.
  2. Knot your chosen colour around the rest of the string. Do this by running the chosen colour around the rest of the strings and then pulling it through the loop.
  3. Then, while holding the other strings taut, pull the knot you’ve made up until it reaches the top of the friendship bracelet.
  4. Repeat step 2 until you want to change colour. At this point you can just return the string you’ve been using to the main bracelet and single out another colour to work with. Then go back to repeating step 2.
  5. When your friendship bracelet is as long as you’d like it to be, tie another knot to finish it off and cut off any excess, leaving a couple of inches of thread below the knot. You can either cut through the loop at the top so that both ends look the same, or keep it – it’s up to you!

And there you have it: how to make a friendship bracelet out of nothing but thread! Because of the tradition of wearing friendship bracelets until they fall off, you might find they get dirty from time to time, but don’t worry – just wash them in a bowl of lukewarm water with a few drops of OMO to get them looking their best again.