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A child using scissors.

Make pencil holders

Let’s face it, sometimes kids can be messy. Unlike adults, they don’t feel the need to keep all of their things in neat and easily accessible places, opting for the option which is simply flinging their belongings onto the ground, under the bed or stuffing it into their cupboards. Instead of throwing away your empty OMO Auto Liquid or OMO Handwash Laundry Liquid bottles, transform them into useful pencil holders.

Simply take your old bottle, and cut away the front bit (where the OMO label is located) up to the handle, left across to the side, down to the bottom left corner and back to your starting point. Encourage your kids to store their art supplies in these new holders, and highlight to them how easy it will now be for them to find their things.

Top tip:

You can use this to hold an array of items from colour pencils to slips, paperweights to loose change.

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