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Paper Crafts for Kids

Get creative with these ideas for paper crafts for kids! Art & craft with paper is easy, cheap, and lots of fun for you and your little ones!

Paper is one of the most versatile craft materials! From paper masks to origami, or just simply for drawing and painting… The possibilities for paper crafts for kids are endless. Creative expression is very important for child development – it stimulates the imagination, and helps them practise their fine motor skills.

We have ideas for paper art projects for kids of all ages that are lots of fun to do at home.

And don’t worry if it gets messy – OMO will help you get rid of the stains! So if you’re looking for simple paper craft activities, just have a look at these articles!

Make a unique Father’s Day Card with these step-by-step instructions!

Make a DIY Paper Mask for Kids out of Paper Mache with these detailed instructions from OMO! Is it time to dress up?

Check out how to make simple paper masks and more complex paper mache masks for kids here!

Check out our craft about making Easter Eggs out of Paper for a simple and fun craft for Eastertime!

Create a family portrait collage with your little ones!