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Show Your Workings: Stained Glass Paper Craft for Kids

Kids can explore their creativity & learn essential skills through making this stained glass craft. Read on for fun tissue paper craft ideas.

Sitting down and making something with your kids is a great way to spend some quality time together, doing something you can all enjoy. Talking through the task not only helps them articulate and understand what they’re doing and making; it encourages their sociability and empathy.

Making something like this stained glass craft out of tissue paper is all about the workings: the practical stuff, the cutting out of shapes and glue painting, of course, but also the talking and cooperating. That’s what’s essential to completing the task and has the most benefit for your kids.

Stained glass craft for kids

These look lovely hanging in windows on a sunny day, and they’re easy and fun to make, particularly if you have lots of hands sharing the task of ripping up the tissue paper, mixing the glue and putting it all together.


tissue paper craft        

  • A plastic bag
  • Sticky tape
  • PVA glue/runny white glue
  • Bowl
  • Some tissue paper in two or three favourite colours
  • A paintbrush

Stained glass tissue paper craft: Workings

tissue paper stained glass       

  • Cut a large square (approximately 30cm by 25cm) from your plastic bag and secure it to a table by sticking the four corners down with some tape.  This is to hold it in place while you get creative.
  • Rip or cut the tissue paper into small squares.
  • Mix the glue in a bowl with some water to make a slightly thinner mixture.
  • Paint a layer of glue over the plastic bag and cover with the shredded or cup up tissue paper. You could do this randomly or make a pattern with different colours.
  • Now, while the first layer is still wet, paint over the tissue paper with the glue mixture.  Overlap the tissue paper so that you don’t leave any gaps. Make sure all the paper is covered with glue, as this will give your coloured paper a really nice shiny finish.
  • Leave to dry overnight.
  • Stain removal tip: Now’s a good time to clear up any of the glue that’s found its way onto your kids’ clothes during this tissue paper craft. Anything with glue on it should be soaked in cold water for 10-15 minutes and then wash normally with Persil small and mighty.
  • When your coloured paper is dry, you can peel it off of the plastic bag and draw an outline of the object you want to create, why not try making a butterfly, a boat, a star, or maybe a flower?
  • Once you’re happy with the design cut out your shapes and admire!
  • Your tissue paper stained glass creation is now ready to be put on display. Use sticky tape to fasten your design to a window and see the colours shine on a sunny day, just like beautiful stained glass.


tissue paper craft ideas   

Not only do your kids now have unique stained glass shapes to hang up in windows at school or around the house (they could even make quite nice presents for their grandparents or teachers); they’ve had a chance to work with you on this tissue paper craft project and had fun learning how to work as a team towards a goal. And those are the results that shine through.

Let us know how you get on making this stained glass craft for kids, and share any other suggestions for tissue paper craft ideas that kids can work through together.