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OMO Activities: Start a Family Scrapbook

Welcome to OMO’s Kids activities! Read through our creative painting activities to keep the little ones entertained. Try making a family scrapbook.
A family scrapbook can contain anything that you can stick or tape in it, from photos of days out, to ticket stubs from museums and leaves collected on muddy scavenger hunts that you’ve been on together (just keep your trusty OMO laundry detergent handy for a hassle-free clean up afterwards!).It is all about storing beautiful memories built with your loved ones. The best part? The kids will love getting involved and being creative. They can add to the scrapbook any time they like, which also means that rainy autumn afternoons will never be boring again!Why not start a new scrapbook at the beginning of each year and have the old one bound, transforming it into a wonderful family keepsake to look back on and re-live in the future?Click on the link for more family-fun activities just like this one here.