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10 fun & simple April Fool's pranks for kids

Looking for a laugh with your kids this April Fool’s Day? Try one of our super fun but simple April Fool’s Day pranks for kids here.

April Fool's Day isn't just for grown ups – kids can have a lots of fun during it too! Why not help them play a prank on Dad or give a sibling a spooky surprise? April Fool’s pranks can be fun, simple, and most importantly child-friendly.

We’re not saying they won’t be messy, but stains are a part of everyday life and our Washing Tips & Tricks section will help put any accidental marks or stains firmly in their place. These April Fool’s pranks for kids are easy to follow, and range from pranks with not so tasty ingredients to mind-boggling jokes that will give everyone a giggle. Read on to check out our top ten simple April Fool’s Day pranks for kids.  

Remember – all kids’ activities need adult supervision. Always supervise your kids when trying out these April Fool’s prank ideas, and read all instructions before starting.  

10 April Fool’s Day pranks for kids

1. Balloon in the toilet

Place a helium balloon under the lid of the toilet seat before a family member or friend pays a visit. A balloon floating out of the toilet will startle any unsuspecting victim and you could even write ‘Happy April Fool’s Day’ on the balloon with a marker pen.  

2. Broccoli lollipops

Melt some chocolate in the microwave, making sure that you use a microwave-safe bowl and that you supervise kids while helping in the kitchen. Chop some broccoli into small pieces and place on top of lolly pop sticks – straws cut to size also work. Dip the broccoli lollipops in the melted chocolate making sure it is well covered. Once the chocolate has set, let your child convince their friends or relatives that they have bought them a delicious lolly and watch in delight as they bite into a piece of broccoli instead!

Remember to consult with other parents about any potential allergies your child’s friends may have.  

3. Bug in a sandwich box

Looking for April Fool’s prank ideas to give a sibling a fright? Your child can place a fake bug in their brother or sister’s sandwich box – a sure-fire way to make them jump! A little note saying ‘Happy April Fool’s Day’ and telling them it’s okay to eat their lunch is a nice touch from Mum to make sure they don’t go hungry.  

4. Bring the fridge to life

Pick up some googly eyes from your craft cupboard or local craft shop and stick them to everything in the fridge. The next person to open it won’t believe their eyes!  

5. Decorate a sponge as a piece of cake

Whip up some chocolate icing and decorate a clean sponge with the mixture – you could even add some cake decorations like sprinkles or chocolate buttons. Surprise guests with the ‘cake’ you’ve made and watch their face in amazement as they pick it up. Just make sure they don’t actually put it in their mouth!

It’s also a good idea to have a real chocolate cake on hand for after your prank. Here’s a simple chocolate cake recipe you can follow and check out our advice on chocolate stain removal for tips on removing stains that can happen when baking with kids.  

6. Put cling film around the bathroom soap

This prank is perfect if you’re looking for April Fool’s ideas for Dad – especially when he’s in a grumpy mood! Cover the bathroom soap in cling film – or put cling film over the shampoo or shower gel lid – and listen outside the bathroom door as you hear Dad battle with the soap.  

7. Not so sweet doughnuts

Get some plain doughnuts from your local supermarket and sprinkle them with baking powder or flour instead of sugar – whoever eats them will wonder what’s happened to their supposedly sweet doughnut. Have some spare doughnuts to give to your victim once they’ve realised they’ve been tricked.  

8. Marshmallow tree

This is a great April Fool’s Day prank if it’s a nice day. About half an hour before your partner or a visitor is due to arrive get the kids together and grab a bag of marshmallows and pick a tree in the garden. Skewer the marshmallows on to the branches and ta-da you’ve got yourself a marshmallow tree! Let the kids try and convince their visitor that they’ve magically grown it over night.  

9. Freeze plastic eyeballs in ice cubes for spooky drinks

Create spooky ice cubes by placing plastic eyeballs or small plastic bugs (you can buy these online or from a toy or party shop) in an ice cube tray and covering with water. Leave in the freezer overnight and on April Fool’s Day serve people drinks with your spooky ice cubes – see how long it takes them to notice!  

10. Turn your house upside down

Get the kids, or just one of them, up super early and turn all the objects in the living room upside down. Restrict this to just the small items (no need to turn the sofa upside down!) and extend to multiple rooms if you have the time. When everyone else wakes up, your topsy-turvy house will have them thinking they’re still dreaming!

Of course, many of these funny pranks for kids aren’t exclusively reserved for youngsters – if you’re a parent looking to embrace their mischievous side why not play an April Fool’s prank on your own child? Next year you can pass on your wisdom!