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Children's Birthday Cake Ideas

There are lots of birthday cake recipes out there, but all you really need is a simple recipe & some creativity! Read on for easy baking & decorating tips!

Whether you throw your kids a party at home, go on a picnic in the woods, or spend the day playing games outdoors, there’s one part of your kid’s birthday that’s really going to stick in their minds – the cake! Cake is synonymous with birthdays, and our kids look forward to that moist, mouthwatering sponge for months in the run up to the big day – so why not give them the cake of all cakes?

Believe it or not, you don’t need to be a skilled baker, you don’t need to understand the ins and outs of sugar paste, and you don’t need to spend a fortune to make your kids a fantastic birthday cake. All you need is a good, solid, tried and tested birthday cake recipe, a little inspiration and creativity, and a few edible decorations (remember: store bought icing is your friend!). Don’t worry about any stains – Persil has lots of helpful stain removal advice for you.  

The Only Birthday Cake Recipe You’ll Ever Need

There are literally hundreds of children’s birthday cake recipes out there, all promising something different – some substitute homemade apple sauce for eggs to make it healthier, others use bananas instead of sugar to give it sweetness, but there’s really nothing better than a good old traditional sponge. Why mess with a classic?

Although healthier options are great for your child’s nutrition, it’s also okay to have a sweet treat every now and then – especially for their birthday! And don’t forget to get the kids involved in the baking too. They may get messy in process but that’s all part of the fun of helping create and design their own special cake. Persil small & mighty is here to help with the results of any electric mixer splatters, or overfilled piping bag disasters!

The trick to creating a good birthday cake that holds its shape, but it still light and fluffy, is to use equal amounts of unsalted butter, caster sugar, and self raising flour – for a nine inch cake you’ll want to use around 250 grams of each. Cream the butter and sugar until pale and smooth, then slowly add three beaten eggs until everything is combined. Sieve in the sugar and fold with a wooden spoon, making sure there’s lots of air in the mixture – this gives it that wonderful lightness. Spread between two greased cake tins, and bake for 20 minutes at 180 degrees. Once cooled, you can sandwich the sponges together with whatever take your fancy – strawberry jam, chocolate spread, or lemon buttercream work really well.

The beauty of this recipe is that it’s so versatile. It can be kept plain for an understated look, it can be covered in buttercream for true indulgence, or it can be coated in icing which provides the perfect base for topping with sugar paste figures or other edible decorations. The choice is yours. So throw out all your other birthday cake recipes – this is the only recipe you’ll ever need!  

Birthday Cake Ideas & Decorations

The limit here really is your imagination. With a bit of time, you can create anything from a simple cake right through to a cake decorated with your kid’s favourite TV characters, book heroes, or sporting equipment. Here are some ideas for your childrens’ birthday cake, and how to execute the ideas simply and easily:  

  • For Little Princesses

All you need here is some homemade buttercream, a piping bag, and a little practice. Colour your buttercream pink and pipe some simple flowers all over, covering the cake. It’s so easy to do – starting in the centre of where you want your flower to be, pipe a spiral until you get the size of the flower you want. Continue all around the cake, so that no sponge shows through. Finish off with some edible jewels that you can buy from the baking section at your local supermarket. A simple yet effective cake for princesses with a love of pink, pretty flowers, and sparkling gems. 

  • For Superheroes

If your kids love superheroes, you can easily whip up a superhero-themed cake using some sugar paste. There’s no need to be afraid of sugar paste. Just use it like you would use play dough, and make your own hero figures to place on top of your cake. To save money, just buy some plain white sugar paste and use your own food colourings to create different shades. You’ll find it useful to cover your cake in a layer of icing first – it will give your figures something more solid to stand on.  

Remember – cakes don’t always turn out how we imagine them in our heads, but that’s OK. To kids, it won’t matter. They’ll have a cake they think looks great, and you can be sure it’ll taste amazing if you follow the recipe. Don’t fret over any imperfections, but embrace them instead – they make your cake truly unique!