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Diwali activities for kids

Diwali: for children it’s a magical occasion they’ll adore. Teach them about this traditional Hindu festival with these fun Diwali craft ideas for kids.

Diwali is a traditional festival of lights with origins in Hindu culture. Today, it is celebrated by a wide array of faiths and cultures and is a wonderful opportunity to get the family together to celebrate the triumph of light over darkness. If you have little ones at home, Diwali kids’ activities could be just the thing to help them learn about the festival. Kids will love Diwali with its bright colours and lights. If you’re looking for ways to let them have a hands-on role in getting ready for the festival, find out how with these Diwali craft ideas you can do together. 

3 Fun Diwali activities for children

1. DIY candle holder

These unique candle holders are a lovely way to celebrate Diwali for children. All you need are some clean, empty jars, some glass paints or pens, and an artistic side. Always lay down some newspaper when using messy paints and pens to avoid stained surfaces. Let your little ones decorate their jars with bright colours and intricate patterns, or even glitter, so that when you add the candle, colours and shapes are cast around the jar.

Top tip: Don’t forget to wash your jars thoroughly before use to prevent any nasty smells or potential fire hazards later on. If you don’t want to use a real candle due to the fire hazard then why not use a battery operated tealight instead? 

2. Diwali paper candle

If you’re looking for Diwali activities for kids that involve creating a flame-free candle, perhaps for their bedroom or to take to school, this idea could be the answer. Start with some clean, empty candle jars, some bright multi-coloured tissue papers, and PVA glue. Once again, lay down some newspaper to manage any spills! Glue the tissue paper in patchwork layers onto the glass. Once it’s covered, loosely scrunch some yellow, orange, and red tissue paper and fix it inside the jar. This will give the illusion of a flame.

Top Tip: for a super authentic look, place a battery operated tea light inside the red, orange and yellow tissue paper to give your “flame” a little extra light. Keep the layers of tissue paper on the jar thin enough to see the flame within and consider adding a little glitter for exta sparkle.

3. Outdoor Rangoli

Traditional Diwali activities for kids don’t just centre around lights and candles, they also include creating Rangoli. These traditional artworks are made up of intricate and colourful patterns that decorate the floors of rooms and pavements. You may have your own Rangoli pattern in your family or you may have simply spotted one online that you like. Keep the mess outside by letting the kids create theirs on the driveway or path outside your house.

Top Tip: Rangoli are often made with coloured powders and you can easily make your own by mixing white flour and bright food colouring. Let your kids outline their patterns in chalk (young kids may need a helping hand with this) and fill in the shapes with the powder.

Cleaning up afterwards

These Diwali craft ideas for kids are not without their messy side. If you need to get paint out of clothes, or ink, glue or glitter – don’t panic! It’s just a sign everyone has had a good time. Keep some Persil liquid handy to tackle those tough stains. Remember to always supervise kids around candles, open flames, matches or lighters. Children should also be supervised around scissors and craft materials.