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Earth Day Activities for Kids and Parents

Earth Day is 22 April & what better way to celebrate than by trying one of these fun messy Earth Day activities for kids? Click here for more Earth Day fun!

Earth Day (on 22 April each year) is a great opportunity to talk to your kids about the environment – and have a lot of fun in the process! Once the subject has been introduced, you’ll be surprised by how quickly they take to doing their bit for the planet – and how eager they will be to get outside and play.

Read on for some great ideas for Earth Day activities for kids, so your kids can have a fun (and messy!) day and learn a little about the planet at the same time!

Earth Day activities for kids

Kids love practical learning! A fun way to explore environmental issues is to let them conduct their own experiments into how pollutions affect the world around them. This simple game isn’t just messy fun for enquiring minds: It also helps children understand the ways in which environmental issues impact on their daily lives.

A fun water pollution game to explain Earth Day to kids

As a laundry brand, water conservation and water pollution are important issues that are close to our hearts. Help your kids try to undo water pollution with this fun experiment – it’s a messy activity they’ll really enjoy!

  1. Take a tub of clean water, and items like coffee grounds or vegetable peelings, along with vegetable oil to mimic oil spills.
  2. Let your kids pollute the water using the coffee grounds, peelings, and oil. This bit can get messy, but that’s part of the fun!
  3. Give them tongs, a strainer, and some cloths, and challenge them to undo the pollution. They’ll love playing with the water and experimenting!
  4. When they’ve made it as clean as it can be, you’ll still be able to see traces of your “pollution” in the water – it’s very difficult to undo water pollution once it’s occurred. Talk to them about water pollution and how important clean water is for kids around the world.

Remember that it’s actually very easy for kids to contribute towards saving water and keeping it clean! Teaching them to be careful about running the tap for too long, for example, is just one small way we can help.

Other ideas for Earth Day activities for kids

The fun doesn’t have to stop there! Check out these other activities for kids from Persil for more exciting ways to explore conservation and sustainability with your kids – and have a lot of messy fun in the process!

  • Recycling is an easy way that your kids can do their bit for the planet every single day – just by reusing an object at home through craft projects, for example, rather than throwing it away. Recycling a Persil laundry powder box with this gardening craft activity is an excellent introduction to the process – and it’s great fun too, allowing kids to get messy and creative at the same time!
  • Endangered species are fascinating to learn about – and finding out more about animals like tigers, elephants, and dolphins can be fun and educational for your little ones. Why not look for animals closer to home, too? Kids love to get outside, play, and engage with nature, so why not organise an outdoor nature activity that helps them spot some of the rarer creatures found in the UK? Visit a nature or RSPB reserve – or, set up your own bird café with homemade bird food, and see what you can spot!

What can parents do for Earth Day?

As parents, we care about sustainability and what we can do to look after the planet for our kids as they grow up. One of the best things we can do is educate our little ones about the environment, but there are a few easy ways we can save energy and water when doing the laundry as well.

  • Washing at a lower temperature. Washing at 30 degrees saves energy – and saving energy helps you save the pennies, too!
  • Always wait until you have a full load before laundering. The fewer washes you run, the less energy used – and the less time you’ll spend hanging and drying separate loads.
  • Use a good quality concentrated detergent like Persil. The less you have to use, the fewer packets you’ll get through – saving money and reducing the amount of packaging you have to away.

These are simple steps we can all take to do our bit for the environment – you can find out more about sustainability and laundry here. Here at Persil, we’re doing our bit as well: We’re committed to reducing our environmental impact when developing our products and packaging. You can check out the Unilever Sustainable Living Plan to find out what we (and other Unilever brands) are doing, from making all of our factory waste recyclable to concentrating our laundry detergents, saving both energy and packaging.

How are you celebrating Earth Day? We’d love to hear from you! Share your ideas in the comment box below.