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Easter Activities for Kids: Play with Purpose

Play with Purpose activities: fun activities for the Easter holidays, designed to help your kids learn important values – easy and fun for all the family!

With the Easter holidays coming up, your children will soon have lots of time on their hands. So, instead of letting them twiddle their thumbs or get stuck in front of the box, it’s the perfect time to try out our Play with Purpose activities. They’re all designed to help your kids learn important values such as self-reliance and respect for others and nature, and they’re easy to get involved in whatever the weather. Most importantly, they’re great fun for all the family. Download the guides and watch the videos for step-by-step demonstrations.  

Easter holiday activities for kids

  • Memory Tree Make a Memory Tree of family keepsakes and help your kids learn more about their family members. 
  • Plastic Bag Weaving Unwanted plastic bags can make fantastic eco mats for the garden, and it’s a great way to have fun recycling. 
  • Miniature Greenhouse Help your kids create their own ecosystem in a miniature greenhouse. It’s easier than it sounds 
  • Bird Café Setting up a bird café is a rewarding way for your kids to nurture the bird life around them. 
  • Recycle Mosaics Save energy around the home by creating recycling signs from discarded eggshells and using them as little reminder messages. 
  • Recycled Gardening Breathe new life into old bottles and containers and help your kids plant and care for their own recycled gardens.  

More inspiration for Easter activities for children

The great thing about the Easter holidays is that there’s the magic of Easter to celebrate also! Try out one of these Easter arts and crafts for a fun-filled Easter Sunday with your kids.

  • Bunnies & Chicks Get creative with your kids and make these adorable bunnies and chicks out of some old toilet rolls. They make perfect holders for mini chocolate eggs. 
  • Egg dying Turn some hard boiled eggs into works of art with this tutorial on decorating your own Easter eggs. 
  • Egg shell patterns Once you’ve decorated some eggs as part of the craft above and it’s time to eat them, use the shells to make beautiful eggshell collages.  

Remember, whatever Easter activities for children you try during the holidays, always supervise kids when making crafts or playing a game. Read all instructions first and supervise children when using craft materials like scissors or glue.

We hope you and your kids have fun this Easter!