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Easter Arts & Crafts: How to Make Bunnies & Chicks

Easter arts and crafts for kids are super fun! Get creative this Easter and try out our easy step-by-step guide on how to make Easter bunnies and chicks.

Easter is a fun time of year for kids – and chocolate-loving adults too! Let your kids get creative with this easy Easter craft on how to make cute Easter bunnies and chicks out of recycled toilet rolls. This fun Easter craft for kids is great for letting your little ones get messy with some paint and glue, as well as letting them embrace their sharing side. These Easter bunnies or chicks can be turned into gifts for friends or family by stuffing them with some shredded tissue paper and putting foil-wrapped chocolate eggs inside them. Of course, you can also fill them with chocolates for you and your own children!

Don’t worry if your kids get messy during Easter craft activities, Persil small & mighty can help remove a variety of stains – just check out the stain removal section for advice. And for any chocolate stains that ‘mysteriously’ appear on their clothes after Easter, you can check out our article on removing chocolate stains.  

Simple Easter Craft Ideas for Children: Bunnies & Chicks

You’ll need:

  • Old toilet rolls
  • Paint
  • Cotton wool
  • Yellow feathers
  • Coloured paper
  • Scissors (always supervise little ones around sharp objects!)
  • Pens
  • Coloured felt
  • Glue
  • Googly eyes (optional)

Remember – all kids’ activities need adult supervision. Always supervise your kids when using scissors or glue, and read all instructions before starting a craft or game.  

Steps to Make an Easter Bunny or Chick

Once you’ve gathered your materials you can begin making your Easter craft:easter craft activities for kids

  1. Paint the toilet roll yellow for a chick, or pink or white for a bunny. You don’t have to stick to traditional colours if you don’t want to – let your child use their imagination and come up with a new design or make one of each animal for variety.
  2. If you’re making a rabbit, you can make some ears while you wait for the paint to dry. Cut out two long rabbit ear shapes from your coloured paper – use pink or white paper to match the body.
  3. For the feet of your bunny, cut out two oval shapes from your pink or white paper. For a chick‘s feet, cut out some slightly smaller ovals from orange paper.
  4. Once your toilet roll is dry, draw on some eyes about an inch from the top of the roll using a black marker pen. Alternatively, you can stick on some googly eyes, buttons, or sequins.
  5. Next, create a beak or nose by cutting a triangle shape out of your coloured felt – again orange is best for a chick, and pink or white for a bunny. Stick this to the toilet roll below the eyes.
  6. Add some whiskers and a mouth using a marker pen if you’re creating a bunny, and don’t forget to glue the ears to the inside of the toilet roll so they stick up over the top.
  7. Now you can secure your Easter animal to its feet by gluing around the bottom edges of the toilet roll and placing it down on top of the feet.
  8. To finish, glue a small piece of cotton wool to the back of your bunny or glue a yellow feather to each side of your chick. For a cute final touch, add a little tuft of feathers to the head of the chick.

More Fun Easter Ideas for Children

Once you’re done with your easy Easter crafts, there are plenty more activities your kids can do for fun. Why not plan an Easter egg hunt and hide little chocolate eggs around the house or garden? Your little ones can collect their eggs in the bunny or chick they made earlier. Alternatively, we’ve got lots more ideas for Easter craft activities for kids here on the Persil site, including Easter crafts for toddlers, like making eggshell collages.