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A father and child drawing together and smiling

Father's Day Card

OMO believes that There’s no better time for kids to celebrate how unique and special their dad is than on Father’s Day! Encourage your little ones to make a handmade card that is filled with love and adoration.

Creating handmade Father’s Day cards is not only a fun and artistic activity for kids, and it is also a great way in which to let Dad know just how much he’s appreciated. And Mom, there is no need to fear the potential paint splatters – if you’re armed with OMO’s intelligent detergents, you’ll get rid of pesky stains in no time!

Things You'll Need:

  • If your kids enjoy spending their time doing fun and colourful arts and crafts, why not encourage them to spend their free afternoons and weekends creating little works of art?

Step 1

Place paper facedown. Fold in half vertically, then unfold

Step 2

Fold each side to meet in the center, unfold

Step 3

Fold the bottom corners up to the first folded line (as shown)

Step 4

Fold each side to meet in the center

Step 5

Measure 6cms from the bottom

Step 6

Fold upwards on the line and then unfold

Step 7

Measure 10cms from the bottom

Step 8

Lift and push the sections between the two folds (shown with the red arrows), then fold the bottom upward, allowing the sides to extend outwards (this will be the sleeves)

Step 9

Measuring 1.5cms from the top edge and fold to the back

Step 10

Fold the top sides inward and glue in place

Step 11

Fold the bottom upward and tuck behind the collar to close the card (do not glue)

Step 12

Well done ... your card is now complete. You can decorate it by adding in a tie and buttons, then write a special message for your dad inside!