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Halloween activities for kids

Halloween is a spooktastic time of year for kids – make it even more fun with these Halloween party ideas for kids! Read on for food & decoration ideas.

Halloween – a spooktastic time of year for kids... and do you know what can make it even more fun? Maybe even a fang-tastic party! Whether you're having a small gathering of your child's friends, or a big family party, we’ve got some fun and messy Halloween party ideas for kids and parents to create together. Stains are inevitable at Halloween – whether it’s face paint stains (we’ve got some spooky face paint ideas here) or stains from other kinds of spooky makeup – so make sure you’ve got some Persil liquid in the cupboard for pre-treating stains in the aftermath of Halloween activities for children.  

Fun & messy Halloween activities for kids

These kids’ Halloween party ideas are great for getting some prep done for your party while also having fun and getting the kids involved in the set up! Remember: supervise your children at all times when trying out these Halloween activities for kids, and keep a particularly close eye on them when they’re using craft materials like glue or scissors.  

  • Pumpkins, ghosts, and bats bunting

Gather some sheets of orange, white, and black paper and get your kids to draw circles for pumpkins, wibbly wobbly ghost outlines, and bat wings on the appropriate colours. For younger children, you can make them a template to draw around. Add features like scary mouths and eyes, and cut them out. Hole punch each pumpkin, ghost, or bat at the top and thread on to some string – you now have some Halloween party bunting to decorate with!  

  • Cups and plates with eyes

This Halloween idea for kids is super simple to do and won’t take long at all. Just glue googly eyes on to your cups and plates to bring them to life! Before gluing turn some of the cups upside down and place the eyes at the top to create scary ghouls to decorate the room with.  

  • Paper plate spiders

Get your kids to paint some paper plates, each in a different colour – black, blue, yellow, purple, or grey will look great. Then glue eight pipe cleaners to each plate so that your spiders have four legs on each side. Stick eight eyes to the base of each plate and then your scary spiders are ready. To decorate the room with your spiders, hole punch each plate and thread through some string so that they can hang from the ceilings, walls, or door handles.  


Quick & tasty Halloween activities for kids

You don’t have to spend a fortune on chocolates and sweets for your kids at Halloween – getting in the kitchen is much more fun! Remember: always supervise children when cooking. An adult should always be responsible for using sharp knives and using hot appliances such as the over. Little aprons and oven gloves can help protect clothes but you might want to get your kids into some old clothes before trying these activities to prevent marks on their favourite outfit.  

  • Spooky marshmallow cakes

Give your little ones something sweet to enjoy this Halloween – either as a dinner time dessert or a quick and tasty party food. Start by melting 60g of butter in a microwave-safe bowl. Add several drops of orange food colouring and 200g of mini marshmallows, and mix until melted. Next, add 150g of rice cereals to the bowl and mix again. Grease a cupcake baking tray and spoon the mixture into each cup. Cool for 30-45 minutes. Remove each treat from the tray and push two together to build a pumpkin shape.

Top Tip: the handle of a wooden spoon makes authentic-looking ridges on the side of your “pumpkin” while a small piece of chocolate placed on top makes a great stem. Green and black icing pens add the finishing touches and can help stick the two halves together!  

  • Fruity pumpkin pots

These pumpkin pots should only be made by an adult as you’ll need to use a sharp knife, but they’re still great for kids’ Halloween parties as they’ll encourage kids to eat some healthy snacks! With a knife, slice the top off of a large orange and carve a pumpkin face into the front of the orange. Then scoop out the insides and get your kids to fill them with healthy snacks of their choice – such as celery sticks, carrot sticks, or nuts. Create as many pumpkin pots as you like and get your kids to think of lots of different fillings they can try.  

Happy Halloween!

With these Halloween party ideas, kids will have tonnes of fun getting involved in the prep – and eating then edible results too! And don’t forget the games for your party, we’ve got a brilliant idea for a bubbling witch’s cauldron here