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How to Make Pop Up Christmas Cards & Birthday Cards

You can't beat a homemade greetings card! Discover how to make pop up Christmas & birthday cards with your kids with our easy-to-follow guide!

Instead of buying Christmas or birthday cards this year, why not work together with your crafty kids to create your own? It’s a great activity that’s so much fun to do, and it’s even better when you watch your family and friends open up their card to reveal a hand-crafted 3D surprise! You won’t believe how easy pop up cards are to make. Here’s how to make a Christmas pop up card or birthday pop up card that your friends and family will all love to receive:  

How to Make Pop up Cards for Kids: What You’ll Need

It’s easy to make pop up cards once you’ve got the right tools and equipment, and the know-how! It’s so easy that even your little ones can join in on all the crafting fun. Here’s what you’ll need to create pop up Christmas and birthday cards:

  • 2 pieces of A4 card
  • A pair of scissors (remember to always supervise kids with scissors)
  • Glue
  • Craft materials – paints, pens, glitter, felt pieces, buttons, card etc.

How to Make a Pop up Christmas Card or Birthday Card: Step-by-Step Instructions

Making pop up cards is actually much easier than you may think! While their impressive designs might look complicated, they’re really simple to make. Here’s an easy guide to making your own pop up cards:

  1. Fold the piece of card down the middle to create a typical birthday or Christmas card template. It’s easier if you fold the card so that it opens upwards, rather than outwards like a book.
  2. Take the folded card and use scissors to make four matching pairs of cuts inwards from the folded edge. Try not to cut any further than halfway down the card to keep it looking neat and tidy. Always supervise your child when they’re using scissors, or it may be easier to just do this bit for them, especially if you have young children.
  3. Open the folded piece of card that you’ve just cut, and gently push the cut pieces forwards so that they create a sort of 3D ‘step’ inside the card. They should collapse as the card is closed.
  4. Get designing! Craft up some decorations for your pop up card, and glue them to the front of each ‘step’, not to the top. Don’t make them too chunky or the card will struggle to close!
  5. Take a second piece of card and glue it to the outside of the card to cover the holes you’ve made. Then put the finishing touches to your pop up card by decorating the front (and even the back if you wish!) with whatever designs and decoration you want. It can be as crazy as you like! For a simpler design with just a fantastic pop up surprise inside, leave the front and back blank.  

Designing Your Pop up Cards

When it comes to designing your pop up cards, the sky’s the limit! It’s a great chance for your kids to get creative, use their imagination, and make a mess! If you’re struggling to find inspiration for your cards, here are two great ideas to get you started: 

Pop up Birthday Card Design

Birthdays are a time to celebrate, and what better way to celebrate than with balloons! Balloons are a must-have for every birthday party, so creating a birthday pop up card with balloon decorations is a great idea – and it’s easy for the kids, too!

Take some different coloured felt pieces – or even pieces of coloured card if you don’t have felt – and ask your kids to draw some balloon shapes onto them. Carefully cut these shapes out and glue them together so they form a big bunch of balloons. Glue some string tails to the back of the bunch of balloons and then attach them to the inside of your pop up card. You could even add a ‘happy birthday’ banner, made out of card, to one of the other steps inside the card.

Pop up Christmas Card Design

Christmas is the most magical time of year, when the snow is falling and everything is fresh and crisp. It’s a time when our towns and villages really look spectacular, so why not create your own festive village inside your pop up Christmas card?

Design old-fashioned buildings out of card, and stick them to the steps inside. Then decorate behind the 3D village with silver or white glitter and snowflake pieces to make it appear as if snow is really falling. You could even take some cotton wool, tear it into small pieces so that it’s not too chunky, and glue it onto the bottom of the card to give your village a beautiful covering of fresh snow. Don’t forget to decorate the front of the card, too, with some festive designs.