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Christmas Crafts: How to Make Greeting Cards & Decorations

Christmas is a great time to get crafting as a family. Learn how to make Christmas cards and get lots of great Christmas craft ideas here!

Christmas time is almost here, and for many families that means crafting! Making Christmas cards and decorations with your kids is a great way to spend quality time together, and adds an adorable handmade touch to your gifts, messages and home. Read on for some simple Christmas craft ideas that will get the whole family in a festive mood! 

How to make Christmas cards

Not sure how to make Christmas cards? All you need is some craft card and a little imagination! The beauty of Christmas crafts for kids is that they can be as simple or as complicated as you want them to be. If you need a little inspiration, here are a few suggestions to get you started. If you’ve ever learned how to make a birthday card with your kids then many of the processes will be the same, and you can follow these tips for birthday cards too – just make the images less festive!  

  • Use a template

Kids’ Christmas crafts can be tricky if your little ones are very young or not very confident artists. Give them a head start by using a pre-made template. There’s a wealth of templates online that you can print onto your craft card for your kids to colour and decorate.  

  • Glitter!

When it comes to Christmas crafts for kids, you can never have too much glitter. If you’re worried about accidental glitter swallowing, consider using food-safe glitter – you should be able to find this in most large food stores. Don't forget to put paper down first to catch any excess and avoid waster (and mess).  

  • Finger painting

If your children are very young or have trouble with detail work, this is a great option. Find some non-toxic paint in festive colours, and get messy. You can use fingerprints to make strings of Christmas lights, silly self-portraits, reindeer faces, or Christmas trees!  

  • Add something extra

Of course, no kids’ Christmas crafts would be complete without googly eyes. Stick some on to give your fingerprint portraits an extra dimension and cause extra merriment when giving out your cards.  

  • Use decorative (washi) tape

Decorative tape is fantastic for kids’ Christmas crafts. Most stationery stores and art suppliers will carry festive-themed sticky tape and glitter tape. Use it to make frames for your Christmas masterpieces, or arrange them on your card to make a word or a Christmas tree. Remember to supervise your kids while they’re using scissors or do the cutting for them.  

  • Take inspiration from your environment

There’s no handbook called “how to make Christmas cards” that says you absolutely have to have pictures of snow and fir trees, so why not take leaf rubbings and stick them to your handmade cards? This is a great way to get your kids thinking creatively, so encourage them to experiment with the shapes they find. You can also use your leaf rubbings to make beautiful and unusual Christmas wreaths.  

  • Use herbs

If you’re looking for Christmas craft ideas that are a little more unusual, here’s something that will add an extra sensory experience to your cards. Herbs like rosemary and bay leaf make lovely miniature wreaths that you can glue onto your cards, and smell lovely too! Cloves are another great seasonal scent – why not use some of your decorative tape to stick them onto your cards?  

Enjoying kids’ Christmas crafts

These Christmas craft ideas are great for kids of all ages, so have fun and get festive! The importance of these activities is having fun together, as a family, so make sure you clear some space and spend time making beautiful Christmas crafts with your loved ones