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Mother's Day Cards for Kids to Make

Looking for super simple yet sentimental Mother’s Day cards for kids to make? Read on to find out how to make our Mother’s Day ‘hug in a card’.

Whether you’re a mum looking for Mother’s Day crafts your little ones can make for Grandma, or you’re a Dad helping your kids to get creative and surprise Mum with sentimental handmade Mother’s Day cards, we’re here to give you some inspiration. Your kids can really get creative and show their thoughtful side by trying out one of these homemade Mother’s Day card ideas to make for Mum or Grandma. Plus there’s no need to worry about any stains your kids pick up when getting crafty – even if you’re not the parent that usually does the laundry!

We’ve got lots of tips on doing laundry and removing stains like glue or paint in the Washing Tips & Tricks section. Let your kids show Mum or Grandma how much they care with these simple and easy-to-make homemade Mother’s Day Card ideas. They’re even suitable for toddlers to try. 

How to Make Mother’s Day Cards with Kids – ‘The Hug in a Card’

The following idea is quick to make – great as a last-minute option – and is perfect if you have small children as there isn’t much cutting out or fancy decorating involved. The idea of this craft is to produce a ‘hug in a card’. Just follow the steps below to create your handmade Mother’s Day card:

  1. Fold two sheets of A4 card in half. Open up the pieces of card and glue one half of one of the sheets on top of one half of the other sheet so that the two pieces of card overlap. They should now open out as a three page spread.
  2. Cover surfaces and set up some paints for your child in saucers or shallow containers you don’t mind getting dirty. Washable kids’ paints are fine – just read the label and make sure they’re marked as ‘non-toxic’. If your child has sensitive skin or allergies make sure the paint does not contain any ingredients that could trigger a reaction.
  3. Get your child to place their hands in the paint. Make sure the palm of their hand is well covered with paint. Supervise them at all times while doing this.
  4. Your child can then place a hand on each of the two outer sides of the card. Ensure they push down firmly to leave a good handprint behind and wash their hands thoroughly afterwards.
  5. Once the paint has dried on the card, get your child to draw a picture of themselves on the middle page. The trick here is to draw extra long arms that join up with each hand to create the ‘hug’ element of the card. Alternatively, you could cut out a photo of them and stick it on but you’ll still need to draw the arms.
  6. Add a personal message at the top the of the card such as ‘I love you Mummy’ – write this yourself if you’re creating a card with a toddler (their handprint alone will be their personal stamp) or let your little one practice their writing by having a go at the whole message or just by signing their name and adding a big kiss.
  7. Fold the card up so the outer pages cover the middle and when Mum or Grandma opens it she’ll be welcomed with a big hug from her beautiful little one!

Optional extra: You can leave the front pages of the card that open up to reveal the ‘hug’ blank or make it even more special by getting your kids to decorate them with colouring pencils, glue, and glitter.

Remember – all kids’ activities need adult supervision. Always supervise your kids when using scissors or glue, and read all instructions before starting a craft or game.  

More Ideas for Mother’s Day Cards to Make with Kids

There are lots of different designs for easy Mother’s Day cards that kids can make with just some paint and their hands. For example:

  • Create a flower using a handprint as the flower head. Simply add a stem and leaves with some green paint and you’re done.
  • Overlap two handprints to create a heart shape using red or pink paint.
  • If you’ve got more than one child, use a larger piece of card and get them to each get their hand print down in a different colour of paint – a simple way of creating one card from the whole family.
  • Why not let your kids get messy with their feet too? Footprints can also make a great design for a homemade Mother’s Day card and this option is especially great for toddlers.

How did you get on making Mother’s Day cards with your little ones? Did you make a ‘hug in a card’? Let us know in a comment below and share with us any other ideas you have for Mother’s Day cards for kids.