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St. George's Day activities for kids: How to make a paper dragon

Make St. George’s Day for kids this year with these St. George’s Day activities. Learn how to make a paper dragon and get other fun activity ideas here.

St. George’s Day can be a really fun day, especially for kids. A great opportunity to dress up, get creative, and celebrate our country and culture – your little adventurers are sure to love it.

Whether they’re donning a cool knight’s costume or making their very own paper dragon craft with this exciting yet simple activity, it’ll be easy for you to make this a St. George’s Day for kids to remember. Things might get a little messy, but Persil have everything you need to solve those stains.

Our first idea for St. George’s Day activities for kids is to follow our step-by-step guide and make a paper dragon with your children.  

How to make a paper dragon

  1. Make the body of the dragon by cutting a paper plate in half. If you have small children, ensure you do the cutting for them, or supervise them while they’re using special child-friendly scissors.
  2. Your kids can decorate the body however they wish but a really good idea is to dip a sponge in paint to get a scary, scaly effect. Luckily, removing paint stains from kids’ clothes is simple so you don’t need to worry about any little mishaps.
  3. While your little ones are painting, use scissors to cut out a head, tail, and some wings from the remaining half of the paper plate. Children can stick these onto the body with supervision.
  4. Additionally, you can cut out some spikes from coloured paper, or make fire for the mouth using orange tissue paper. These can then be glued to the dragon’s body and mouth.
  5. Once the dragon is dry and all the pieces are stuck on, draw a fierce looking eye and mouth with a black marker pen, or cut a slit in the dragon’s mouth area for the ‘fire’ to come out of.
  6. Finally, attach some string to the top of the body to carry it or hang it up. Alternatively, you can attach a lolly stick to the bottom of the body to use it as a puppet.

paper dragon craft

st georges day activities - paper dragons

More St. George’s Day activities for kids

Now that your kids have their own dragon, there’s one very important question to ask – what do you do with it? There’s plenty of ways your kids can have fun with their new paper craft: how about creating their very own ‘George and the Dragon’ scene by building a cardboard castle and a cardboard horse? They could even make a whole army of dragons using different craft methods such as making a dragon sock puppet or even creating a dragon using an old wooden spoon and some paint? Whatever you decide, remember to get creative and always supervise your children during craft time to ensure they stay safe and happy.

Not all of your activities have to be based indoors either – this day is all about celebrating our country so try hosting your own sports day in the garden or at the local park. Include some of England’s top games (like cricket, rugby, and football) and enjoy a classic afternoon tea of sandwiches, scones and cakes to stop any dragon-sized rumbles coming from hungry little bellies. These great ideas for St. George’s Day activities will provide plenty of fun for the family and with Persil Small & Mighty waiting for you at home, you won’t have to worry about how to get rid of grass and mud stains that will inevitably crop up.  

How Will YOU Celebrate?

This year, there’s plenty of ways to celebrate St. George’s Day and many local communities will be hosting festivals to mark this special occasion. How will you celebrate St. George’s Day with your kids this year? Is your local town doing anything special to mark the occasion? Will your child be learning more about St. George in school?