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3 Fun Activities To Play With Your Kids

OMO has 3 Fun Activities that You can Play With Your Kids in Spring. Worry Less About the Dirt and Let the Good Times keep on Rolling.

Winter has finally weaned away and spring has officially sprung, and we all know what that means – more time to spend out and about with your little ones. So, when the sun comes out in full force, rally up the troops and head outside for a day spent basking in the wonderful weather’s ambiance.

Have an all-out water balloon war

Transform your back garden or local park into an all out warzone with water balloons. Split your family up into teams, fill up your balloon arsenal with water, and let the games begin! There are lots of different was that you can play this adrenaline and laughter filled activity;

You can simply give into pandemonium and lob your balloons at the closest person to yourself as you run from tree to tree avoiding these colourful rounds, or you can set a rule that the person with the least amount of water on their clothes wins a special prize – it’s totally up to you.

Create and fly a kite

If there’s one thing that all kids should learn to do, it’s fly a kite! Flying a kite in the windy outdoors can teach your kids patience, and is bound to be a fun and exciting experience for all. But one of the biggest problems are that kites can cost a fair penny – so why not make your own? It’s actually really simple to do; all you need is a few basic components, a creative imagination, and a helper-elf or two to assist with the construction. You will need:

  • Ribbon (for decorating the tail).
  • A ball of string or twine
  • A stapler, a pair of scissors, craft glue and strong tape.
  • 2 pieces of 5mm square balsa wood dowel.
  • Plastic sheeting or recycled garbage bags.

Egg Toss Shenanigans

This family friendly game is exceptionally fun for everyone. All that you need to play this ‘eggciting’ game is at least two people, a tray of eggs, and a grassy area to play on.

  • Start off by pairing up with a loved one of your choice, grab an egg and toss it to them.
  • Next, take a step back and have whoever just caught the egg to toss the egg back.
  • Keep repeating these steps until someone drops the egg.
  • See which pair of participants can go the farthest back, and when all the eggs but one are done, ‘crown’ the winner by cracking the last egg on their head.
  • Toss all of your yolky clothes into the washing machine, along with a scoop of OMO Washing Powder, and let your troubles wash away with the eggy leftovers.