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4 Fun Outdoor Activities for Kids

There's never–ending fun to be had in the great outdoors – read on for our top 4 fun outdoor activities for kids, plus handy stain removal tips!

When the winter weather is on its way out, most families rush to spend time outdoors. Why? Because no one wants to be cooped up outside when the sun is shining and the promise of summer can be smelt in the air! Kids really do love to run around outdoors, but there are so many other fun outdoor activities for children.

Why not try some of our outdoor activities ideas below?

The Aquatic Life

Warmer weather is great news when it comes to water activities. Regardless of where you live, your kids will love playing with water outdoors. We've got some great advice about the dos and don'ts of water activities here, but why not also try out a few of these ideas:

  • Go to your local swimming pool
  • Row on a boating lake or pond
  • Fill a paddling pool with water in your back garden or park
  • Blow bubbles (check out our bubble craft here)
  • Have a water balloon competition (find out how to play the eggs and balloons games here)

Imagination Games

Many of the games you and your kids play indoors can be played on a larger scale outdoors. Make believe and board games are two examples of indoor activities that translate well outdoors.

Many parks actually have giant chess boards and pieces that you can move around, but if you don't have one of these near you, you can easily adapt Draughts, Scrabble or Twister to be played on over-sized grass boards. Treasure hunts, dens, and teddy bears’ picnics are also great options for kids with curious minds and active imaginations. And of course, there's no reason why your kids can't wear their favourite fancy dress outfits outside!  

Free wheeling

Exercise is one of the best reasons to get your kids playing outdoors. If running around the garden doesn't seem enough, we've got some great suggestions for summer sports for kids here.

But maybe you're a family that prefers to head around or out of town on a bike ride? Perhaps your kids enjoy a faster pace on two wheels or on four?

This summer, why not introduce your kid to the joys of roller-skating, skateboarding or a good old-fashioned scooter – they're sure to have fun learning a new skill!  

Old-School Hobbies

If there's one outdoor activity for kids which has become a classic, it's the Lemonade Stand. These days not every parent is willing to let their child sit on the pavement unaccompanied selling lemonade to strangers, but there are plenty of ways you can make this rewarding rite-of-passage work for you and your child.

One great way is to look for opportunities for your family to participate in a school fete or charity event – your child can sell their own homemade lemonade or even home baked cookies or cakes and help raise money for a charity of their choice. Your child will learn a valuable life-lesson and have fun outdoors at the same time.

However you and your children choose to spend your time outdoors, always be sure to wear protective clothing and make sure to apply sunscreen when the sun is bright.

Remember if clothes get dirty in the process, don't panic – Persil's got you covered. Just check out our stain removal tips here.

Do you have any fun recycling ideas for kids? We’d love to hear them! Share them with us in the comment box below.