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6 of the Best Party Games for Kids

Throw your child their best birthday party yet with one of our top fun party games for kids! Click here for 6 exciting games they & their friends will love!

No kids’ party is complete without games! Our top 6 amazing party games for kids will give your children and their friends a truly unforgettable day.

Our Top 6 Party Games for Kids

Kids’ party games are one of the most exciting parts of the day, especially for the birthday girl or boy. Whether your child is having an indoor or outdoor celebration, there are plenty of party games for children to choose from. Our top 6 party games include all the things kids love: Getting messy, bright colours, tasty food, and animals!

Kids' Party Game #1: Water Balloon Piñata

Outdoor kids’ party games are great in hot weather, and this twist on a traditional piñata is amazing for scorching summer birthday parties in the park or a garden if you have one. Use water filled balloons and hang them up with string in a suitable position outside, making sure they’re not too high up. Kids can then take it in turns to swing at the balloons, blindfolded and using a plastic bat. Once they burst the balloon, everyone gets wet! Add confetti or glitter in with the water to make things even more exciting.

When the weather isn’t quite warm enough, you can set up this game with air (rather than water) and confetti indoors. As with a traditional piñata game, where a papier-mâché figure filled with sweets is hit by blindfolded players, safety is important – make sure you supervise your child and their friends and keep non-batters at a safe distance from the action. 

Photo by Jim Simonson

Kids' Party Game #2: Outdoor Bowling

Bring the bowling alley to your celebration with this simple party game for kids, and do some recycling too! Collect 10 2 litre bottles and empty them. Fill them with a combination of water and different food colourings, and then set them up like bowling pins – a hallway, local park, or garden is a great place to play this game. Once you’re set up, your partygoers can use a small ball to try and score a strike! Keeping score is optional, but you can balance a small treat on top of each of the bottles so that whoever knocks them down wins a little something!

Kids' Party Game #3: Rainbow Battle

The next option in our top 5 party games for children is an energetic outdoor activity. Rainbow Battle is a child-friendly take on paint balling – and adults can get involved too! Provide each of your party guests with a large white t-shirt, and divide the kids into two teams. Then fill water guns with a mixture of water and washable paint: Each team has a different colour, and each player has a water gun. The aim of the game is to get the opposing players out via a shot to the back, chest, or stomach.

The team with the last player left undefeated wins! You may want to warn your guests to bring some old clothing to play in – washable paint is designed to be easy to remove from clothes, but it’s always better to be certain! Test a small spot in the inside hem of a t-shirt to test it if you’re uncertain. If you don’t have a huge number of guests, you could buy paper suits to play in, as these cover clothes from head to foot (and look pretty cool, too!) – or large t-shirts. This also means you can use a more permanent paint to play with:

Players can even keep their colourful new t-shirts or suits as a souvenir!

Photo by Michael Bentley

Kids' Party Game #4: Popcorn Relay

This kids’ party game challenges players’ balance and coordination. Take a plastic cup and make two small holes on opposite sides of the bottom. Then thread a large, thick rubber band up through one hole from the outside and out through the other. Tie a knot to leave a foot stirrup dangling out of the bottom of the cup. This is so the rubber band can be worn around the children’s shoes, with the cup sitting on top of their feet. Set two large boxes at your finish line. Divide the guests into teams and designate one person as the popcorn filler.

The rest of the players wear the popcorn cup shoes and take it in turns to get to the finish line and fill their box up, hopefully not spilling much along the way! The team with the most popcorn in their box at the end of the relay wins! If you have a little more time and thicker, softer elastic ties, you could try making popcorn hats for a more challenging game – both versions are very funny to watch!

Kids' Party Game #5: Catch the Lion by the Tail

This children’s party game is a wilder version of the more traditional Duck Duck Goose – it’s fun, doesn’t necessarily take a huge amount of space, and it’s perfect for a costume party! Preparation is easy: Simply make a lion’s tail. This can be as simple as a furry piece of fabric or even ribbon with a knot in one end, or you can attach a brown tuft or pom pom onto a yellow piece of fabric for something a tiny bit more realistic. The game is easy, too: One party guest, the lion, tucks the tail into their waistband whilst the rest sit in a circle on the floor.

The lion circles the group, tapping each sitting player on the head and saying “Lion”. When the lion is ready to pounce, they tap the player in front of them and shout “Hyena!” The lion must then race around the circle and take the hyena’s spot before the hyena can grab the lion’s tail. If the lion doesn’t make it, he remains the lion for another round; if he gets to the hyena’s spot first then the hyena becomes the lion.

Kids' Party Game #6: Pass the Fancy Dress Parcel

Most of us will have played the traditional version of this kids’ party game as children. This alternative has all the fun of the original, and is bound to make you laugh! Create your parcel by wrapping a prize with strong paper as you would in a traditional game. Then add a second layer, but instead of (or as well as) adding a sweet to the bundle, put in a fancy dress item: Eye patches, lightweight hats, fake noses, fake teeth, or wigs will work well. Repeat, with at least one layer per player. To play the game, guests sit in a circle and pass the parcel around as music is played – when the music stops, the player holding the parcel has to unwrap one layer of the parcel and put on the fancy dress item inside. By the time they’ve reached the prize, everyone will look very funny!  

These kids’ party games are a great way to make birthday parties really memorable, letting kids run about, get a little messy, and have a lot of fun in the process. Things might get a bit chaotic, but that’s part of the fun; and if there’s a mishap with grass stains, cake stains, or general party mess, the Solve Your Stain section of the Persil site is here to help – so you can relax and enjoy the party too!