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Go Wild: Animal Games & Activities for Kids

Help your little one explore their wild side with these fun animal activities for kids! Find craft guides, silly games & activity sheets here.

Living with a cheeky monkey or two? Help your kids appreciate the other creatures in the animal kingdom with these fun animal activities for children.

Creative animal activities for children

Some kids love drawing and painting so much that it’s hard to get them to stop – even when their crayon has travelled from the paper and onto the furniture and walls! You can teach creative kids about the animal world by channeling all that artistic energy into one of these fun animal activities.

Create a funny animal

Help your child pretend he or she is a funny animal by asking him or her to draw a picture of the funniest animal they can think of. Then, you can quiz them while they stay in character:

  • What is the name of their funny animal? E.g. the Lesser Spotted Armadillo Whale, or Bob.
  • Where does this animal live? Underground, under the sea, in a forest, desert, or jungle? Manchester?
  • Where does the animal sleep? Upside down in the trees, in a cave, in a warren, in your shed?
  • What does the animal eat? Grass, ants, jellybeans, carrots … if they say ‘people’, get ready to run!
  • Does the animal make a funny sound? Tell your little animal that you can’t hear them the first time – get them to really roar! Or moo, or chirp. It’s up to them!

Make paper maché animals

Give your home its own wildlife population by filling it with paper maché animals – no feeding or walking required. There are two easy projects you can start off with here on the Persil site: paper maché piggy banks, and paper maché turtles.  

Active animal games for kids

Help your little one go wild by trying out these fun animal games for kids with plenty of energy!

Play the animal imitation game

Challenge your kids: can you move like a horse, kangaroo, a stork, a monkey, a fish, a snake, a lion, a seal with flippers, a caterpillar, an elephant with a big long trunk? What other animals can you imitate?

Roam a little with animal activity sheets

You can help kids experience nature and meet all kinds of animals by taking a trip outdoors. Try visiting a farm, park, nature reserve, or just playing in the garden – there are plenty of creatures to be found in the average UK backyard! You can use the animal activity sheets here to help your kids get the most out of their adventure.

If you’ve finished trying out these fun animal games and crafts, don’t worry: the fun doesn’t have to stop there. If your little one is still hearing the call of the wild, you can find more nature and animal activities for toddlers and older children here.