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A group of children playing in the backyard.

Backyard Challenges

Keeping your kids busy with entertaining and engaging activities can be difficult in some households, especially the bigger ones. At OMO, we believe that dirt is good and fully encourage getting outdoors and making as many memories as possible. Obstacle courses provide hours of fun because not only is playing exciting, but gives your kids the opportunity to be part of healthy competition. We have a few amusing and simple obstacle courses that you can set up right in your backyard or garden. 

Hula-hoop hopscotch

  • Lay each hoop slightly in front of the other (to the left and right of one another).
  • Hop between each hula hoop.
  • Starting with the left leg and ending with the right.

Hopping Stones

  • All you need for this fun obstacle are some beacons. 
  • Like the hula hoops, what you are going to do is lay them slightly in front of one another, one on the left, one on the right, etc. 
  • The goal here is to hop from ‘stone to stone’ without falling into the water (the grass)!

Leap Frog

  • Leap frog is fun for kids of all ages! 
  • One child bends down, while the other jumps over him, using his hands as support on the other’s back – just like a leaping frog. 
  • Have a leap frog station in a safe space on your obstacle course.

Horseshoe Tossing

  • This obstacle is super easy to put together and will test your little one’s depth perception, accuracy and aim.
  • It’s as simple as aiming to throw a horseshoe through a target (pole or stake). 
  • Don’t have any horse shoes? Don’t worry, we aren’t surprised – instead you can use small plastic rings or even hula hoops.

Balancing Beam

  • For this obstacle, find or buy a piece of thick rope.
  • Make a winding shape with it so your little ones will have to weave their way across your impromptu balancing beam.