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Brain Training: Brain Games

The Development of Your Baby's Brain is Fundamental To Their Growth and Will Have a Major Impact in their Lives in Later Years. Read More Here on How to Help them Along the Way.

Introducing your baby to new textures, toys and more creates a wealth of curiosity that can have an incredible impact on their later years. But you have to start young! So we’ve put together a selection of special games for you to play with your baby to make sure their minds are sharp and ready for the big wide world.

Read, Read, Read

A major tool in the development of a young mind, reading out loud to a child is possible one of the most important ways to build curiosity. And picture books are a great bridge what they hear and what they see. To make sure that their young minds are connecting sight and sound; so that as they grow they have a reserve of memories that link the world to ideas they have heard about and seen picture of from a young age.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Who’s the coolest baby of them all? A strange game it might be, but one that really gets a baby’s brain working is Mirror, Mirror. To play: hang mirrors around your house that your baby can see and interact with. It’s one of the best ways to get a toddler to start identifying itself and, in turn, noticing the similarities it shares with you – its parents. Identity is an important part of human development.

Guessing Game

A classic mind game that parents use all over the world, the Guessing Game is a simple, fun way to mature a baby’s brain that makes a big impact with very little effort. It’s all about surprise and delight. It’s easy to play: hide an object behind your back while your baby is lying down, ask your child to guess what you’re hiding, and as they start to laugh show them what you’re hiding. Change the object a few times to really surprise them and see the joy in their eyes.

Nurture with Nature

To build their confidence and trust, take your baby out into the forest to create a nature book. Have your young one run around collecting all the different leaves, sticks and curious items on the floor, and when they’re got the goods, add them to a scrap book with names. This way, when they’re ready to look at it again they can double check and learn from all the cool things they found on their incredible adventures with the family.