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Creating a Vegetable Garden Patch for Kids

What better way to get your little ones excited about eating their greens than to grow your own? Read all about vegetable garden ideas here.

If you’re looking for ways to get your little ones to eat more vegetables, there’s no better way to get them interested than to set up a little vegetable garden that they can maintain. Many veggies are actually quite easy to plant and maintain, and they’ll have great fun picking out their seeds and creating their vegetable patch.

Plus, it adds a little something extra to dinnertime – what’s more fun than eating fresh food that you’ve worked to create? It sounds great – but how do you get started? We’ve put together some vegetable garden ideas for different area types to help you get inspired.  

How to grow a vegetable garden for kids

Start by picking a spot for your vegetable garden. You don’t necessarily need a lot of space – you can tailor your vegetable garden to suit the size of the patch and how much light you have available, so work with what you’ve got!  

In the yard:

  • Mark out an area of the garden for the project. This can be a section of flowerbed if you’ve got enough space, or create the section yourself by filling a few large pots or a grow bag with soil.


  • No garden? No problem! Many vegetables can be grown easily indoors in pots, or even recycled OMO containers – just make sure they have as much sunlight as they need and are safely kept in a quiet area, out of the way of any household pets or indoor games of tag.

Now it’s time to pick the vegetables you’re going to plant. If you’re trying to work out how to grow a vegetable garden that your kids will love, it’s important to choose plants that are reasonably hardy (and can survive the prodding of little fingers!). A variety of plants – vegetables, salad leaves and maybe some herbs – will give your child different sensory experiences.  

Vegetable garden ideas

Here’s a few suggestions for plants to grow in a vegetable garden for kids:

  • Courgettes. These often give a quite large yield for very little effort – and they produce flowers as well as fruits, which kids will love. Sow your seeds in September and they should be ready to plant out in a couple of months.
  • Tomatoes. These can be grown in- or outdoors, and are a popular choice for kids’ vegetable gardens as they ripen reasonably quickly and can be eaten straight off the vine. Read more here.
  • Carrots. These are a great choice for a vegetable garden for kids, as you can plant them for most of the year and they don’t take a lot of maintenance – they take about 18 weeks to mature fully, but if the little ones get impatient you can eat the baby carrots at 12 weeks.
  • Salad leaves. A great choice for growing in and outdoors, you can easily plant various kinds of lettuce and watch them mature in just a few weeks. The great thing about salad leaves is that they’ll grow back again within a month of cutting – your kids can pick or cut their salad and come back for more just a few weeks later!

Now that you’ve got some vegetable garden ideas to get you started, all you need is some inspiration for what to do with your harvest! Why not incorporate your fresh veggies into some of these easy recipes , or use them as deliciously healthy pizza toppings ?