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Dirty Diggers – Playing with Mud & Dirt

Kids and parents alike can have a great time playing with mud! Find some simple, easy mud play ideas to try with your kids here.

For kids, having fun sometimes means getting a little messy … or a lot messy. That’s why they love playing in mud so much. As parents, it’s well worth embracing this. After all, muddy clothes are a small price to pay for the massive grins on your kids’ faces, and the team here at Persil don’t mind sharing some of our expertise in getting rid of mud, either. So, how can you set up an amazing day of mud play for kids? Let’s see …

How to organise a day of mud play for kids!

Kids of all ages can enjoy playing with mud. You just need to tailor the activity to their interests. Pick one of the mud play ideas below and let the fun begin!

Mud play idea #1: Building with mud

This activity is great for young kids who love to make or build things. Give them a couple of props to get their imagination going, and watch them use mud to create a whole world.

What you need:

  • Use any area outside, such as a garden, the sandbox in your local park, or an open field that has dirt for digging 
  • Dirt, shovels, small rakes, buckets, and a little water to make mud can be fun!

What to do:

  1. Kids can play construction, buried treasure, farmer, make mud pies, make tunnels and roadways for miniature cars and trucks 
  2. Twigs and small stones can be used for hauling, or for decorating those ‘pies’

Mud play idea #2: Hand and foot print art

Hoping to inspire a future artist? Try this: make mud paint with a little dirt and water, and then create hand and foot print art together! Be prepared to get your hands (and feet) dirty …

Mud play idea #3: Mud paint water balloons

Try this madcap activity on days when your kids are full of energy! Fill balloons with mud paint and throw them at white paper for some great Jackson Pollock-style mud art.

Finished playing in the mud? You and your kids can always move on to other nature crafts and activities. Find some great options for kids of all ages here.

Safety warnings:

Ensure children do not play with dirt that may have been contaminated by animals. Ensure that children do not put dirt or dirty hands in their mouths. Potting mix is dangerous as it contains potentially harmful bacteria, do not use. Ensure any cuts are covered. Wash hands afterwards.