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Easy Magic Tricks for Kids

Want to amaze and entertain your little ones with some easy magic tricks for beginners? OMO has some ideas for you to try – read on to learn more!

Looking for something new and fun to do with your little one, or just a fun activity for a rainy day? Then why not introduce your kids to the wonder of stage magic? It’s not actually as difficult as it might seem to learn magic tricks – you just need to start off with simple ones that are easy to get the hang of. We’ve put together a few of our favourite magic tricks for beginners that you can try out with things you have lying around the house. Read on for some easy magic tricks for kids that’ll leave everyone amazed!

Linking paperclips

The best magic tricks for beginners are the ones that don’t require a lot of preparation or sleight-of-hand, so start your little one off with this one. All you’ll need is a banknote, or a similar sized piece of paper, and two paperclips.

  1. Fold the paper into thirds, so you have a middle section of paper with a top and a bottom section on either side of it.
  2. Use one paperclip to clip the top and bottom sections respectively to the middle of the paper. Place the paperclips near the edges of the paper.
  3. Grasp the edges of the top and bottom sections and pull them apart, flattening out the paper. Your paperclips will link together and jump off – as if by magic!

Jumping rubber band

This is one of those easy magic tricks that takes a little bit of practice to perform smoothly, but it’ll look impressive once your little one has mastered it!

  1. Place a rubber band over the last two fingers on your hand and fold your fingers over. As you do this, slip your four fingertips into the loop of the rubber band. This bit will take some practice, as you can’t let your audience see you doing it!
  2. Hold your hand up with your wrist facing you, and announce that you’re going to magically make the rubber band jump to the other two fingers.
  3. Unfold your fingers – the rubber band will indeed “jump” to the other half of your hand!

Extra credit:

Once you’ve mastered this basic magic trick for kids, you can add an extra element to it by adding another rubber band over the top of the first one, twisting it between all four of your fingers so that it forms an interlaced barrier over the “jumping” rubber band. The trick will work exactly the same way as before – but now your rubber band has jumped “through” another one!

Easy magic tricks with cards

There are a lot of magic tricks for beginners that can be done with nothing more than a pack of cards. Even better, they use a variety of skills your little one will find useful later on – from sleight of hand to mental arithmetic! Here’s a simple one with a couple of variations for your kids to try out:

  1. Before you face your audience, split your card deck in half: black suits (clubs and spades) in one half, and red suits (hearts and diamonds) on the other. Gather the two halves into one pile – remember which one’s on the top!
  2. Fan out the first few cards on the top of the pack, and ask an audience member to pick one and memorise it. Then, get them to put it back on the bottom of the pack.
  3. Split the deck in two (it doesn’t need to be exact) and place the bottom half on the top to shuffle it. If you’re feeling confident, you can even give each half an extra shuffle to mix the cards in more thoroughly!
  4. Have a look through your deck. Depending on how you’ve split your cards up, the card your audience member selected will either be the only black card mixed in among the red cards, or the only red card mixed in among the black ones.
  5. Hold up your odd card out, ask “is this your card?” – and watch their amazement.

Here’s a slightly simpler version of this trick:

  1. Count out 25 cards before you start and hold them on top of the pile, keeping them slightly to one side so you know where the rest of the pack begins.
  2. Lift your pile of 25 cards to split the pack and ask your audience member to pick a card from the bottom section.
  3. Once they’ve memorised it and shown it to the rest of the audience, have them place it back on top of the pile they took it from and add your 25 cards back on top.
  4. Now start to deal the cards from the top of the pack, face down, counting them in your head. Your audience member’s card will be the 26th one in the pack!

And there you have it: a few easy magic tricks for beginners that will help them impress friends and family alike. You might even inspire your little entertainer to come up with their own magic tricks with cards or rubber bands – the possibilities are endless!

Easy magic tricks with cards