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Four Fun Rainy Day Activities for Kids

Don't let the rain stop your kids from having fun! We've got 4 ideas for fun rainy day activities that you kids will love.

On a rainy day, it’s far too easy to pop in a DVD for the kids or get them started on a new computer game. But rainy days can be a fantastic time for your kids to use their imagination!

We’re all for activities that are messy, fun, and hands-on for your kids, whatever the weather. And with Persil small & mighty around to tackle the toughest stains there’s no need to worry about your little ones getting messy during their rainy day activities.

Here are four ideas for fun activities that will allow your kids to learn, play, and explore ­– the perfect combination for rainy day fun!

Rainy Day Activities:

Baking and Cooking

One thing you can’t do outdoors is bake, and there’s nothing more homey than staying indoors on a rainy day and baking up a fresh batch of cookies. Not only will easy baking recipes teach your kids how to follow instructions and learn the basics of a kitchen, they’ll also have tonnes of fun getting their hands messy with ingredients and be filled with excitement as their hard work turns into a tasty treat!

For ideas, try our recipes for Simple & Easy Chocolate Cake or Pizza Faces ­– we guarantee your kids will enjoy snacking on the results!  

Fun Science Experiments

Here’s a great way for your kids to have fun indoors and learn a bit about science at the same time ­– and you can do these at home with everyday ingredients that are easy to clean up. For example, mixing baking soda and vinegar together will create a small explosion that’s sure to excite your kids.

Follow our suggestions here for fun but safe experiments. You won’t want to try the Cola Explosion inside, but the Bubble Bombs should only be done indoors in a bathtub and younger kids will love playing with our Lumpy Liquids & Squidgy Solids on a kitchen table.  

Arts and Crafts

Rainy days are the perfect chance for your kids to exercise their imaginations and explore their artistic side. We have loads of ideas for fun, easy arts and crafts activities that will have your kids thinking and creating in new ways for hours.

Homemade greeting cards, masks, paper mache, masks, hand painting, scrapbooks – the possibilities are endless! So have a quick look and stock up on a few art supplies in advance of the next rainy day. And don’t worry about the mess afterward ­– Persil small & mighty knows exactly how to get rid of paint, glitter, and glue stains!  

Go for a Walk Outside

Who says rainy day activities for kids need to be indoors? You can’t escape the rain in the UK, so put on your raincoats and wellies, open an umbrella, and explore the rainy outdoors! It’s amazing how the outdoor world is transformed in the rain.

You’ll have the streets and parks to yourselves, your kids will love splashing in the puddles, and after your refreshing walk, there’s nothing cosier than drying off at home and having a hot drink or snack. Afterwards your kids can write about their walk in the rain, or draw or paint a picture of what they saw.

With our rainy day activities, your kids will learn to explore the world and see it in different ways – even when it’s raining. All you need to think about is keeping your kids excited and engaged for some rainy day fun!