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Two children playing cricket together.

French cricket is fun!

French cricket is a game that the whole family can get involved in. French cricket basically utilises the same principles of normal cricket, but has slight differences that make it more fun and easier to jump in to for those new to the sport.You will need:
  • A tennis ball.
  • A cricket bat, a flat-faced wooden plank or a tennis racket (whatever you can get your hands on will do).
How to play:
  • Instruct all the players to stand in a circle.
  • Choose someone to bat, and tell him or her to stand in the centre of the circle with the bat, plank or racket.
  • The rest of the players must try to throw the ball at the batter’s legs, which in French cricket are the equivalent to his wickets.
  • If the ball hits the batter’s legs or is caught after they hit it, he or she is out and the person who bowled is now the batter.