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Beach games for kids – Desert Island

Planning a family trip down to the beach? Let your little ones discover their surroundings with these fun beach activities for kids.

Whether you’re planning a family holiday by the sea or just looking for a summer day trip with your little ones, beach games are a great way for your kids to explore a new environment. From collecting pretty shells to discovering different types of fish, with a little help from your surroundings there are lots of different ways to organise some beach fun for your kids! So next time the sun is shining bright: pack your swimwear, prepare a picnic, and head down to the beach with your family.

There are endless variations of beach activities for kids, and at Persil, we especially like the ones for which kids only need their imagination. Let children connect with their environment by letting them use the objects around them. It’s a fun, simple way to teach them about nature, and the best part is: it requires no preparation! Looking for some ideas? Here we share two of our favourite games by the sea.

Castaway: Desert Island Game

Tell your children a story about a ship full of pirates that wrecks in the middle of the ocean. Now let them pretend they are the pirates, shipwrecked on a desert island. What would they do? Letting them imagine what it would be like will be a great adventure, and you can guide them by asking some more specific questions, such as:

  • What foods would you wish for?
  • What animals would you pretend were nearby?
  • What do the fish in the water look like?
  • What flowers can you see?

Under the Sea: Treasure Hunt

The beach is full of stranded little treasures, so why not let your kids go on a treasure hunt? Let them compete against each other by having to find one of each of the following objects:

  • A shell
  • A feather
  • A small, smooth piece of glass
  • A dried starfish
  • A small pebble

This is a great way for kids to learn how to identify each object, and afterwards they can take them home and display them in a wide necked jar or small bowl filled with water to keep them shiny!

Looking for more fun games to play on a family day out? Persil’s got you covered with outdoor exploring activities, tips on how to teach kids about nature and fun ideas for family days out. Enjoy!