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Cress growing in eggshells.

Grow Your Own Cress Head

Cress heads are simple and quick to make, and are ideal for moms who are looking to teach their little ones all about responsibility while still having fun in the process. Cress grows incredibly quickly, so your kids will have a family of cress heads on their windowsill in approximately 7-10 days.

Luckily, there is no reason to fear any smudges or stains as OMO’s intelligent detergents  will ensure that your laundry looks as good as new! You can use eggshells or empty yoghurt pots, and encourage your little ones to decorate them with colourful paint or use markers to make them look like friends and family. When the cress has grown a few inches, cut it off and enjoy it in an egg sandwich for lunch!

What you need:

  • A pack of cress seed( available from garden centre and some supermarkets)
  • Empty yoghurt pots or halved eggshells
  • Kitchen roll
  • Cotton wool
  • Paints,markers and glitter to decorate the heads

What to do:

  1. Decorate and add various features to your cress head pot or eggshell before you plant the seeds, maybe basing it on yourself or a family member.
  2. Wet some kitchen roll and gently place it in the bottom of your head, then add some wet cotton wool and place on top of the kitchen roll. Leave a 3 cm gap between the cotton wool and the top of the eggshell or pot.
  3. Add a teaspoon of cress seeds onto the wet cotton wool, and press down gently with your finger
  4. Place the heads in a warm place, exposed to sunlight and wait for your seeds to grow into tiny, delicious bushes of cress!

Encourage your little ones to take note of the germinating seeds, teaching them about the process. If you’d like to add a handful more of arts and crafts to their cress head collection, take a look at OMO’s collection of unique activities for kids.