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An assortment of marbles being held.

Have an ice block treasure hunt

This activity is simple and a whole lot of fun! All you need to do is buy a bunch of resilient, waterproof and cheap toys that your children love playing with – you could even use some of their toys from their room (just as long as they meet the above mentioned criteria).What you need to do:

  • Get a large tupperware container, fill it up with water and drop the toys into the water.
  • Place the large container into the freezer over night and let it freeze.
  • The next morning, take the large frozen cube out of the container, arm your kid with a hammer (supervise them while they use the hammer, of course), and watch them bash away until the ice block reveals an array of fun treasures for them to play with.

Top tip: If you don’t feel safe arming your child or children with a hammer (even while you are watching them use it), opt for a safer option such as a round, smooth stone from the garden.