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Intrepid Indoor Camping for Kids

Weather keeping you inside? Have an exciting wilderness adventure anyway with these fun indoor camping ideas for kids! Click for more.

Tents can be put up almost anywhere. The great outdoors offers you and your kids a wild camping adventure, but when the weather isn’t co-operating, or you’re looking for a one-off day of fun, indoor camping can be a great alternative – with a little imagination, of course.

Kids’ indoor camping starts with a tent

If you have a real tent that can go up indoors, you’re all sorted. If you don’t, there are plenty of ways to create a tent using the things you have lying around your home.

Here’s how to make a simple tent with blankets or sheets:

What you need:

The best thing about building your own tent is that you only need objects you’re likely to have lying around the house already. You may need to pay a quick visit to the garden centre for the bamboo canes!

  • A roll of rough string
  • Scissors
  • 3 x 8ft (2.4m) and 6 x 3ft (90cm) bamboo canes from a garden centre
  • Old sheets and blankets
  • Pens and card to make a sign for the entrance

What to do:

  1. The easiest tent to construct is a simple two-sided prism shape like a Toblerone box!
  2. You’ll need to make a sturdy frame using your canes - lay the 3 longest canes 3 ft (90cm) apart, and attach using the shorter canes and string, until your tent takes shape.
  3. Then drape with sheets or blankets, and decorate inside and out with pillows, rugs and pictures, before moving in and making mischief!

Now that your tent is up, be sure to stock it with an emergency supply box:

  • A torch 
  • Some games or toys 
  • A couple of pillows 
  • Snacks 
  • And anything else you might need

You can make indoor camping feel like outdoor camping

There are a few tricks you can try to make the atmosphere in your camping room a little more outdoors-y.

  • Create a night sky with fairy lights or glow-in-the-dark stars. 
  • Decorate the room with nature-themed arts and crafts. If your little ones have some leafy artwork around, try putting it up around the tent to add to the camping theme. 
  • Assemble some fearsome wildlife. All their cuddly toys are now prowling the woods around your tent!

Have fun with these indoor camping ideas for kids

Here are a few indoor camping ideas for kids to try – but don’t forget that many of the classic outdoor camping activities are still fun inside the house! Try singing the usual camping songs and eating camping food too – think sausages and marshmallows.

Shadow puppets

The blanket wall of your tent makes the perfect backdrop for a shadow puppet theatre. Shine a light through the blanket using a torch and take it in turns to make shapes.

Telling spooky stories

This one’s for slightly older kids. Tell each other scary stories one by one, then decide whose tale of terror was the spookiest!

Monster time!

For extra fun, pretend there is a monster outside. Your child can take turns with you pretending to be the monster. Peek out when you think the monster has gone away. Make friends with the monster and offer the monster a snack.

With these tips, indoor camping for kids can be just as fun as outdoor camping. Try it and let us know how it goes!