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Catch some Bugs

Welcome to OMO’s Kids activities! Read through our tips on how to keep the little ones entertained by catching bugs.

OMO believes that dirt is good, and Mother Nature boasts all kinds of interesting creepy crawlies that live in the brown, earthy goodness that squelches beneath little feet. This activity only requires a few minutes to assemble and allows your kids to analyse the insects before releasing them back into the wild. With this exploration come grimy hands and feet, and the anxiety of battling tough stains.

Stain removal is OMO’s top priority - which means that you’ll have more time to spend with your little ones as they immerse themselves as junior entomologists.

What to collect:

  •  Four stones, or you can use marbles,
  • A small garden space,
  •  A tile or slate,
  •  An empty tin can, (one end must be removed and the sharp edges filed down).

How to make it:

  1. Dig up a small hole so that the empty tin fits perfectly without gaps and make sure that the soil is level around it.
  2. Place the small stones or marbles on the soil’s surface, just a few cm away from the tin.
  3. Put the tile or slate on top of the stones, covering and protecting the tin from filling up with rain.  This will also create a damp and shady area that is ideal for attracting bugs out taking a midnight stroll.
  4. Leave the trap open for 24 hours - when you return, you’ll find some of your garden’s night visitors!
  5. Tell your kids to make notes on the various bugs and check several times over a week to see the types of bugs that your children have come across.Not only will this activity keep your little ones from spending hours in front of the TV, it will also ensure that their interest and curiosity is piqued in a healthy manner. Click the link for more fun and educational kid’s activities, click kid's activities here