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Messy & Fun Activities for Toddlers

Encourage your kids to learn whilst they get messy! Read on to discover lots of fun, messy & educational activities for toddlers for both indoors and outdoors!

Mums, we’ve got news for you: messy toddler activities are good! No, really. Why? Because any activity for toddlers that has them using all their senses and squealing with delight, is good for their development too! And of course, here at Persil, we make sure we’ve got all you need to make the clean up easy – from stain removal tips, to effective detergents that work even in the coolest of washes. These fun activities for toddlers will undoubtedly create lots of mess, but are so much fun that you and your toddler won’t be able to resist diving straight in.

Sticky Fingers 

Many of the rainy day activities described here can be adapted for little kids. In fact, one of our favourites messy indoor activities for toddlers is cooking. There’s really no reason your little one can’t get involved: from mixing cake batter with a wooden spoon to decorating iced biscuits with sprinkles, there are plenty of ways a toddler can help you cook. Of course, it’s going to be messy – especially the part where they try to lick the bowl – but even the adults get to eat something great at the end!

Dough Nutty

Playdough is a great alternative to real cake baking. Your toddler can even help you make the dough themselves. We’ve got a video tutorial for playdough here and instructions on how to make cloud dough here. Both types can be coloured, or you can add scent and glitter – which of course will get everywhere! But surely that’s what makes it more fun?!

Body Painting

Yes, that’s right! We’re encouraging you to combine paint and your toddler, but you’ll need to make sure you have our helpful paint stain removing tips on hand first! You’ll need big tubs of child-friendly, washable paint, and a roll of paper. If you’re worried about paint getting on your floors, walls and furnishings, why not take everything outside? Dress your child in old clothes, or even just their nappy and give them free reign to put their hands and feet into the tubs and then on the paper. They’ll love the freedom to create!

Mud pies

There are so many fun outdoor activities for toddlers you can try out – you just have to accept that things are going to get messy! One of the classics is making mud pies. Make sure you pick a sunny day, check out our handy health and safety dos and don’ts of mud pie making here, and then get making! See what happens when you add more water or more soil. Can you mould the mud? Or just have some fun squelching it between your fingers. Don’t worry – mud stains will be easy to remove with these tips on how to get mud out of clothes.