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Outdoor Exploring for Kids

Outdoor Exploring for Kids | Nature Walk

Go on a nature walk with your child and help them become an outdoor explorer. You can do this activity many times.

Lie down in a park on a patch of grass or soft ground. Ask your child:

  • How many nature sounds he or she hears?
  • Is the sound from a bird, an animal, from the wind?

Look for different shapes and sizes of stones or rocks:

  • What are their colours and shapes?
  • How many do they see?

Ask your child to find something outside that is soft or hard:

  • Can your child tell friends or parents what these things are?

Look at the ground:

  • Ask your child to be very quiet and to watch and see how many bugs are working hard on the ground

Look underneath a large rock:

  • Have your child count how many different kinds of bugs he or she can see
  • What are the bugs all doing?