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Outdoor Party Games for Kids: One-Legged Rabbit or Gradai kha dee-o

A birthday party is the most exciting part of the year for a child! Make it seem like it lasts forever with fun ideas for outdoor party games for kids here.

We know that indoor and outdoor party games for kids are all part of the excitement surrounding birthday parties! When you’re young, counting down the days until your birthday party can feel endless. You want time to speed up a little so you can wake up to balloons and cake – and being a whole year older again, rather than 7 and three-quarters or four and a half. Your wish only seems to come true on the day of your party though. Before you know it the afternoon has gone and it’s time to wave goodbye to friends until school the next morning.  

Outdoor Games for Kids: One-Legged Rabbit

Playing party games is a great way to make the day feel like it will go on forever, which is why we’ve explored the globe to find the world’s best party games. One-legged rabbit is better known as Gradai kha dee-o in Thai. It’s a simple game that’s really popular in playgrounds across Thailand.  

You Will Need:

  • Plenty of space (clear all furniture to the side of the room if inside for this one!)
  • Six or more children

How to Play This Outdoor Party Game:

  • Divide the party up into two equally numbered teams.
  • One group is ‘the rabbits’. The other, ‘the carrots’ and they must stay inside a small area or ‘field’. One at a time, each rabbit hops into the field on one-leg to collect as many carrots as possible by tagging the other team.
  • Anyone who steps out of the field – or puts their other foot down – is out.
  • Make the kids laugh even more by laying down a sheet of plastic covered in soapy water. This will make balancing on one leg even more of a challenge.
  • Balance is so important here. The players will have to stand on one leg if they’re ‘rabbits’ so by the end of the game they’ll hopefully be wobble-free! The ‘carrots’ will also have to stay within a restricted area if they want to win.

Stain removal tip: Don’t worry if you’re playing outdoor games and the kids get muddy – it’s really easy to get these stains out of clothes, just let the mud dry, then scrub with a brush and wash on a normal cycle with Persil detergent!

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