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There's no better way to explore the world around you than with a scavenger hunt! Stuck for ideas? Learn how to plan a treasure hunt for kids here.

There’s no better way to get your kids exploring than with a scavenger hunt. It might take some planning beforehand and tidying up afterwards, but it’s well worth the effort when you see the little ones working together to solve the clues you’ve set up for them.

Why a treasure hunt?

Treasure hunts allow kids to use their deductive reasoning skills, explore their neighbourhood, get out in nature and, most importantly, they’re just plain fun! With OMO to help you clean up any mud and grass stains on their clothes afterwards, it’ll be smiles all round with this popular activity. We’ve put together some scavenger hunt ideas for kids, including ideas for themes and basic tips on how to plan a treasure hunt for kids.

Treasure hunt ideas for kids: Getting started

Before you start, think about the time and place for your treasure hunt. Birthday party? Long weekend? Just a fun idea for a Saturday afternoon? It’s important to plan for the number of kids who’ll be hunting so that you can sort a suitable number of clues and prizes! Here are few places you can hold your scavenger hunt:

  • At home. For a small group of children, your house is a perfect location for a treasure hunt. And it’s a great way to spend a rainy day!
  • Around your neighbourhood. This is a great way to get your kids interested in local history and landmarks. Make sure that everyone’s aware of proper road and urban safety (if you live in a city) and if dealing with a large number of guests then split all participants into smaller groups with an adult in charge to supervise each one.
  • A large public building. This is a great idea for children aged 6+. It could be a museum, an art gallery or any building of historical interest that’s open to the public. Many of these places already have scavenger hunts that you can use.
  • A garden or park. If the weather’s nice, this is a great treasure hunt idea for kids and allows you to incorporate a little nature trail into the treasure hunt.

Organising your scavenger hunt: Picking a theme

To make your scavenger hunt even more fun, why not give it a theme? This could be anything: a safari theme for an outdoor treasure hunt for kids or a detective theme for an indoor option. How much you incorporate the theme into your scavenger hunt is up to you but it’s a great way to get kids more engaged in the activity. Get participants to wear appropriate costumes for the theme and make your clues, prizes and scavenger hunt riddles all connected to the theme as well.

Setting up your treasure hunt: work backwards

Once you have all the preparation done, it’s time to set the trail! Especially for larger, more complicated, hunts it is advisable to work backwards from the treasure. After all, it’s very easy to get muddled! Scavenger hunts ideas for kids should be appropriate for the age of the children taking part so bear this in mind when setting your clues. Younger children will need something a little easier, and shorter in duration, whereas older children might appreciate something more challenging.

Making it your own: Create scavenger hunt riddles

To make your scavenger hunt extra special, why not set your own scavenger hunt riddles? Whether you choose simple rhymes and questions or something a little more abstract is up to you but again you should base it on the age of the children taking part. If your scavenger hunt ideas focus around a theme then don’t forget to use this in your riddles and clues.

Happy hunting!

And that’s it – you’ve created a treasure hunt for kids! Make sure to do a final run-through before you kick off in earnest to make sure that all the clues are where you left them, and that they’re easy to follow. Then, just let the fun begin!