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A young boy holding a piglet.

Play pigs on the loose

Pigs on the loose is a fun game that the whole family can play. It will have all involved running, hiding, seeking and laughing together.How to play:
  • You will need 4 or more people and a large area, like a garden and a house, to hide in and amongst.
  • You start off by picking someone to be the ‘’wolf’’. The rest of the players are the ‘’pigs’’.
  • The pigs need to remain in a cordoned off area called ‘’the pen’’.
  • The wolf needs to count to 60, and while he is counting one ‘’pig’’ can escape the ‘’pen’’.
  • While the ‘’wolf’’ is looking for this ‘’pig’’, one other ‘’pig’’ can escape the ‘’pen’’.
  • This whole process repeats itself either until all the pigs have escaped or have been captured.