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Children lying on grass raising their hands to the sky.

Play some yard twister

Now this is a interactive game that is bound to have your children rolling around on the floor in a heap of laughter – literally. For this fun and inclusive game you will need some ground marking spray paint (don’t worry, this type of spray paint is actually good for your lawn and will grow out in a few weeks), a patch of grass and at least two sets of nimble limbs. You can also then create a colour chooser on an A4 piece of paper and use this to decide what limb goes to what colour.The rules:

  • Each player must stand around the spray painted zone.
  • The referee who is holding the A4 colour wheel spins the dial and tells the players what limb they have to move to what colour.
  • This process repeats itself until your kids start toppling over.
  • The last player left standing (or bent over in a weird position, at least) is the winner.

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