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Play Waffle Checkers with your Little One

OMO doesn't Only Focus on Removing Tough Dirt on Clothes but Fun and Games as well. Waffle Checkers is a Fun and Delectable Game to play with the Kids

When it comes to waffle checkers, playing with your food has never been more fun, educational and downright delicious! Checkers is one of the world’s oldest games, dating back to as far as 1400 BC! This version, however, is a little different and has its own unique twist that those living way-back-when were, unfortunately for them, not lucky enough to play.

Waffle checkers is played on a waffle instead of a wooden board, and instead of using checkers, players get to use edible treats such as blueberries, sultanas, cherries or strawberries. Everyone loves waffles. Crunchy, crispy and drenched in a flavour of your choice, they go down a real treat wherever they are eaten –which makes this game truly rewarding. The winner (and loser if you so please) truly get to experience the sweet taste of victory.

In order to play, you will need a waffle, blueberries, sultanas, a knife and fork, a dice. Start by filling half the ‘waffle board’ with your checker of choice (blueberries on one side, sultanas on the other). Proceed to roll the dice; Whoever rolls the highest number goes first. The game works as follows: whatever number you roll on your turn, you get to eat that many pieces of your opponents waffle. The winner is the person whose waffle is still standing at the end of the round.

This game is a whole whack of fun, and is recommended for younger children. It will help teach them basic math and counting skills, and will fill their bellies with delicious waffle goodness. Oh, and don’t worry about the mess, that’s all part of being a kid.

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