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A girl and her dog stand by open window looking outside of room.

Ready for Life : Dog School

Dogs can be a child’s best friend. These canine companions can occupy your child’s time over the holidays. Why not challenge your child to teach your pooch a new trick.All they’ll need is a few treats in their pocket to motivate the pup to play along. Here are some good tricks to start the schooling:


By holding the treat above the dog’s head and moving it backwards, the dog naturally moves in to a seated position. As soon as the dog sits, give them a treat and a reassuring, “Good Dog!”


Once the dog is in a seated position, slowly walk away while saying, “stay”. As soon as the dog stands up, walk back and get it back in to the stay position. After a few paces, turn around face the dog, and walk back and reward. Increase the distance over time.


Pick up the dogs paw and reward them. After a few times, the dog will soon realise that a high-five is rewarded.

Lie down 

Once in a seated position, use a treat to lead the dog down to the floor. Once lying down, treat them.