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Safe Play in the City: Nature Activities for Kids in Cities

Going on a nature walk is an educational & fun activity for kids. Give your child the chance to learn about animals & explore nature with these activities.

Safe Play in the City: Nature Activities for Kids in Cities

You may live in a big city but you still want your children to be able to enjoy outdoor activities like a nature walk. It can be hard to find the time to take a trip out of the city. Whether you’re raising your family in London, New Delhi, Bangkok or Sao Paulo, most concrete jungles have a bit of real jungle too inside the gates of city parks.

We’ve complied a series of Safe Play in the City blog posts for parents and kids who live in cities and have limited space to play in. Not every child will have access to a garden so we’ve come up with lots of fun activities to nurture your child’s creativity and development that can be safely played at home or at the local park.

Visit Persil’s Kids’ Activities page for more great ideas for safe play for kids. Use these nature activities for kids to plan a wildlife walk in your local park and explore the natural world that’s right there on your doorstep.

Go on a nature walk for kids and learn about animals

Whether you’ve just got a couple of hours or a whole weekend to spare, your local park is a great place to spend some time exploring nature with your kids. A mini-adventure in the park will give your little one a close-up chance to learn about animals and will help your child’s development too.

Use planned activity trails to give your child the chance to get creative, develop the skills to follow simple maps and the observational skills to identify and record different types of plants, bugs and animals. From moss growing on bricks, a fox scavenging in the back-streets to a bird building a nest, there’s so much to see and learn.

Using a wildlife activity sheet

Create your own activity sheets for the kids to fill out while giving them the freedom to play in the park. This could be as simple as giving them a scrap book and asking your child to make a visual record of what they see or just a single sheet of paper with drawings or photos of the things they need to find. Help them get started and give them some clues for things to look out for.  You could even spend a little bit of time researching the creatures that are likely to live nearby to the place where you live.

If you want to challenge your child’s map-reading skills as part of this nature activity for kids then draw a simple map for your route that they can follow. Once you’ve got the activity sheet ready head out on to the streets. You don’t have to wait until you get to the park. There are likely to be creatures right on your doorstep if you look closely! And the great thing about this learning about animals for kids’ activity is that it can last for just half an hour or a whole day – so you can fit it into even the busiest day.

A search for all seasons

Seasonal wildlife hunts can be fun nature activities for kids. Take your child exploring in the local environment and ask them to draw pictures or take photos of seasonal changes. For example it could be buds, blossom or fruits on tree branches, or leaves on the ground. Some flowers only bloom at a certain time of year. Some birds only stay in one place for one season. Butterflies and moths follow a seasonal pattern too. So make sure they write down the time of year when they spot the different items so they can create their own nature calendar. Ask them to explain what they have found and what it tells them about the season.

Got some grass stains to wash out from your nature walk?

If your little explorer has got some grass stains while they’ve been out, don’t worry too much, for really stubborn grass stains, rub gently with Persil small & mighty biological detergent and rinse. Then wash the garment with Persil. Just check the label for care details of the stained garment before cleaning the stain. You can find lots more stain removal tips here.