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For the hunt, we've created two fun activities for kids to try out - one for home and another to make great outdoor games for kids. Create a list of the hidden items and give it to your children with a bag or box. Give them an hour or two to start and complete the

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A child using a map and compass to find treasure.

OMO Activities: Join the Hunt

For this activity, we’ve come up with two fun ideas for kids to try out – one for home and another to play when outdoors with a big group of kids. Create a list of clues that lead them to a variety of hidden items and give them to your children with a bag or box.

To make this activity interesting and fun, ensure that you add variety to your hiding places – challenge your little ones with more complicated clues that require teamwork, a puzzle, or a math sum. Give them an hour or two to start and complete the hunt! Choose attractive prizes such as tickets to a new kids’ movie or a trip to get a dipped soft-serve ice cream cone.

Fun is unanimous with dirt, and OMO believes that dirt is good  – allow your little ones to get their hands dirty when searching for their clues! As long as you’re armed with an intelligent detergent like OMO, you’ll be able to combat grubby stains in no time.

Things you'll need:

  • A shoebox or shopping bag
  • Pens and pencils (or even crayons)
  • A stopwatch with an alarm set to announce the end of the hunt
  • An exam pad of paper
  • Matchboxes to contain small items
  • A fun prize

For the Exciting Outdoor Activity - the Scavenger Hunt!

  1. Something that has fallen out of a tree (leaves don't count)
  2. Something that moves faster than a snail
  3. Something white
  4. An object beginning with the letter 'S'
  5. Something that can make a noise when shaken
  6. Something that's very soft
  7. Three different types of leaves

Having Fun Indoors - Hunters in the home!

  1. The number for a local business that you choose (without using the Internet)
  2. A photograph of a grandparent
  3. Something with the word 'special' printed on it
  4. A book that has the word 'continental' written in it
  5. A diamond-shaped object
  6. Create a self-portrait while pulling a funny face
  7. A self-made musical instrument using household objects - it's time to get creative!

Encourage your kids to finish the hunt which promises to result in a surprise treat! This activity is ideal for busy moms who are looking for constructive and fun activities that are sure to keep their children smiling and busy for hours on end.