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After School Activities for Kids

After a long school day, kids need to blow off steam! These fun after school activities are a great, easy way for them to relax – click here for more!

After a long school day, kids need to blow off steam! After school activities are a great way for them to relax – but most importantly, they’re lots of fun.

Our Kids Today project, which worked closely with kids to find out what life is really like for our children, found that their lives are busier than you might think – making it important that kids have time to let loose and do something easy going. If you’re looking for things to do after school, these three entertaining after school activities for kids are simple, messy, and fun – give them a try!

Three Fun After School Activities for Kids

These after school activities can help children relax after a busy day while also giving them an open, pressure-free environment in which to explore new ideas. Here are three of our favourite after school activities for children:

Creative after school activities are a great way to relax!

1. Chalk games

Instead of drawing on a piece of paper, how about giving your kids a bigger canvas? Kids of all ages love playing with chalk. All you need is a big box of chalks and some paving stones, a tarmac driveway, a patio, or a smooth outdoor wall. Provide a wide range of colours and watch your kids unleash their creativity. Don’t worry about any chalk marks on their clothing, either! Kids love a bit of mess, and Persil detergent can help you get rid of any stains.

2. Nature quest

Exploring nature is something that you can do any time of year. In the summer months, you’ll have the afternoon light for much longer, but there is still much to explore and see in the autumn or winter. Nature reserves, parks, and even the garden are all full of animals and birds to observe, leaves to collect, and bugs to meet. Let your kids explore a local park or nature reserve near their school, and watch them discover things about the natural world in a way they wouldn’t at school! For some structured things to do after school at a nature reserve, check out this article on nature activities.

3. Make believe

This is a game your kids understand instinctively. Just by providing a few items – an empty box, some hats, a cloak – you can set off a train of imaginative thought that is genuinely astounding. Before long, the box is a pirate ship, the hats are enemy spacemen, and the cloak can shield your little one from invasive flying fish attacks – anything is possible! If you’re short on fancy dress items, you might like to try making these paper masks to use as the basis for creative games in the future! These after school activities for kids are great fun, and an easy way to spend the rest of the day. What things do you and your kids do after school?  Share your tips with us below!