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Game Ideas for Kids | Sidewalk Art | OMO

Sidewalk Art .. your driveway or the pavement just in front of your house is the perfect place for a pop-up art exhibition.

Your driveway or the pavement just in front of your house is the perfect place for a pop-up art exhibition. Get your kids to draw larger than life creatures – like whales and elephants in colourful chalk. A row of circles and squares becomes a game of hopscotch. Don’t forget to sign your artworks, it’s the perfect space to practice how to write your name.

Make your own sidewalk paint .... easy as 1,2,3

Homemade sidewalk paint

  • ½ cup of water
  • ½ cup of cornstarch
  • Approximately 12 drops of food coloring — this can be adjusted to achieve desired color
  • Jar with a lid
  • Paint brushes, foam brushes or sponges

Mix all ingedients into a sealed jar and shake well. You can make several colors this way, using individual jars.

Some fun ideas ...


Every kids loves to pretend play. You can be anyone you want! Superman, Batman, Santa Claus, the list goes on and on! Grab some sidewalk chalk and draw in some props, a background, whatever you can think of!  

Chalk Art Puddles

Who says that you can’t play with sidewalk chalk after the rain? Who says you have to let the sidewalks dry and the puddles empty? Those are awesome opportunities to make these beautiful rainbows and “art puddles!” This is a wonderful activity for those stray pieces of broken chalk that lie in the bottom of all of our buckets, and of course, what kid doesn’t love jumping in puddles?

Obstacle Course

This is an interesting take on the game of hopscotch. Instead of skipping and picking up stones, think of some different activities that your children can do, for example:

  1. Touch your toes
  2. Turn around 3 times
  3. Do a funny dance
  4. Roar like a lion

When they land on a spot, they have to perform the action written on that square!

Alphabet Games

This activity is another fun educational activity that the kids will love. Help them draw out letters on the sidewalk, then have them do an activity that begins with each specific letter, such as the examples:

  • Bounce on "B"
  • Clap on "C"
  • Laugh on "L"
  • Hop on "H"
  • Stamp on "S"