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Summer Sports for Kids

Active children are happy children; and what better way to get your little one running around than fun sports for kids? Find 3 great exercise ideas here.

Summer weather means you can spend much more time outdoors with your children, going on walks, learning about nature, and playing at the park. Summer is the perfect time to take the kids outside and make the most of a lovely day at the park together. If you mean to make a day of it, you might take a picnic and let your kids spend the day running free and getting a little messy. With Persil small & mighty, mud and grass stains don’t matter – but summer fun definitely does!

So why not think about taking a ball with you? Kids’ sports are an easy way to have fun with your kids at the park. We all know the importance of exercise for kids – and if you’re enthusiastic about playing outdoor games, your kids are likely to be, too. And the added bonus is that they should burn off so much energy that bedtime will be easier, too! We’ve suggested some sports activities for kids below that are guaranteed to be a hit with your family this summer.

Four Summer Sports Activities for Kids

Football assault course

When it comes to sports games for kids, come rain or shine, football is a British classic. It doesn’t matter what size of ball you use, kids will always find a way to have a good kick around. If you don’t have enough players to make up teams, a football assault course is the ideal activity: challenge your kids to score goals, head the ball, and dribble in and out of obstacles to beat the clock.

You can add handicaps as the game goes on to make it more difficult, such as managing to defend a goal with their legs loosely tied to a partner’s, throwing the ball on the pitch with only one hand, or only dribbling the ball backwards. Most of the time you won’t even need to take anything other than the ball with you: use items of clothing, piles of leaves, or two trees to mark out the goal posts and other features.

French cricket

This is a short-form version of the much more formal game of cricket. For this fun kids’ sport, you just need a bat or a racquet of some kind, and a soft ball. The batter stands in the middle of a circle of players and has to defend their legs (the stumps) from being hit by the ball. The other players act as fielders, and the batter is not allowed to move from their spot – they must twist their body around to defend themselves with the bat. The player who bowls them out takes their place.

Flying disc

Flying disc throwing – often known by the brand name Frisbee – is a great sport for kids! There are lots of team games you can play with a flying disc, but it can be quite a challenge for kids to learn how to throw one in the first place! Once they’ve mastered the flick of the wrist technique, a great variation on throwing and catching it is to replace the ball in another game with a flying disc – from volleyball to football, or even cricket.

In Disc Cricket, players win points by knocking cups from stakes driven into the ground, or passing the disc in between the stakes without knocking the cups at all. The defending team can prevent the throwing team from winning points by catching the cups before they hit the ground.


No we don’t suggest you lug a full set of classic bowls to the park, but you can easily get hold of sets of smaller plastic or metal balls for playing ‘boules’ on the grass. This is a great game for building hand-eye coordination. Without moving their feet, players must roll or flick their ball up into the air to land as close as it can to the ‘jack’ (a smaller black ball).  The individuals, or teams, take turns until all the balls have been used. The owner of ball closest to the ‘jack’ wins.

Individual sports activities for kids

Depending on the number of participants, other great activities for the park might be:

  • Running and racing games
  • Playing ‘it’
  • Duck, Duck, Goose – if you’ve never played before, you can find an explanation of this highly popular traditional game in our article on old playground games for kids.
  • Gymnastics – learning how to do handstands and cartwheels
  • Skipping with a rope – individually, or in a group
  • Tennis or badminton
  • Rounders

Whatever games you play at the park this summer, remember that Persil has great stain removal tips tailored to different colours and fabric types, so don’t worry about any dirt or grass stains. Have fun. Now ready, steady…go!