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Teach Your Kids How to Collect and Play Marbles

Playing marbles is a cheap & cheerful activity for kids! Find out how to play marbles here.

Marble games can be played indoors and out, and keeps kids concentrating on the game for hours. Most toyshops sell marbles, and they’re pretty cheap compared to many other small toys, so treating your kids to the odd marble to add to their collection if you’re out shopping won’t break the bank either. If you're wondering how to play marbles, it's easy – just read the


What You Need:

  • A small collection of marbles, which can be added to each weekend with pocket money
  • A pouch for the marbles
  • Chalk for outside, or a ring of string for inside


How to Play Marbles:

  1. Draw a circle 3 feet (90cm) wide on a pavement in chalk, or make one out of string if you’re playing indoors on carpet
  2. Choose your shooter marble- this should be bigger than any of your other marbles
  3. Put 5 to 10 other marbles in the centre of the ring to play
  4. When it’s your turn, kneel outside the ring and flick your shooter marble out of your fist with your thumb, trying to hit as many marbles out of the ring
  5. If you knock any marbles out of the ring, keep them and have another turn
  6. If you don’t knock any marbles out of the ring, leave your shooter marble in the ring until your next turn and the next player takes their turn
  7. Continue until the ring is empty

The winner is the person with the most marbles at the end of the game - you can then return your marbles to each other, unless you have agreed to play for keeps!