A close up of sheepskin.

Texture Scavenger Hunt Fun

Textures are everywhere. Everything that we can physically touch and interact with has its own texture. From the clothes we wear everyday, to the food we eat and the liquids we drink. Textures can be important tools that we can use to discern between objects that are safe to interact with and touch, and objects that we would be better off staying away from.

For instance, the thorns on a rose bush are sharp and best avoided, while the fur on a cat is soft and smooth – simply begging to be stroked from head to tail. With this in mind, it is important to educate your children on the different textures that they interact with often. And what better way to do exactly that by letting your little ones embark on a fun, educational and hands-on texture scavenger hunt with objects found in and around your garden.

Start off this awesome adventure by scouring your garden for natural objects with different textures such as a pine cone, a smooth pebble or stone, pine needles, leaves, petals and an acorn (just to name a few). Place these objects separately into a bunch of darkened or brown sandwich bags, and instruct your little one to close their eyes and feel inside the first bag.

Once they have felt the bags’ contents, instruct them to head out into the garden and find either the same object that is inside the bad or, alternatively, one with the same or a similar texture.

If you don’t have a garden, don’t stress – you can just apply the same concept to your little one’s next breakfast! Make them a meal that is made up of different textured foods to start off their morning.

Simply instruct your child to close their eyes, and fed them a small morsel of one of the chosen foods. See if they can identify what type of food they are trying, and what texture the food is.

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