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Image of a family playing outside.

Wonderful Winter Games

Don’t let the winter rain keep your kids from having fun outdoors. Just because the sun is no longer out doesn’t mean there’s no more fun to be had outside. We’ve put together a fun and lively list of adventurous activities – new and exciting wet weather endeavours!

Red Rover, Red Rover

Slipping, sliding and dodging over wet blades of grass – your kids will love this simple yet fun game. This is how it works: one child, the ‘red rover’, stands in the middle and calls over one of the players standing on the other side of the play area. That child has to try get past the red rover and to the other side.

If they make it past the red rover, all the other runners must try to do the same thing. Anyone the red rover manages to capture or get to the ground joins the red rover in the middle.

Leaf Gutter Races

Who’s got the skill to create the fastest leaf lying in your back garden? What exactly does it come down to – the size of the leaf or the shape? Instruct your little ones to don their raincoats, slip on their wellington boots and head out into the garden to find a leaf that they believe is a real winner. Once they have found their lucky leaf, head out and find a gutter with water flowing through it, and let the race! The leaf that moves the fastest, wins!

Muddy Portraits

After the rain has subsided, send your children out with a bucket to collect as much mud as they can. Add a little water to their bucket, find a concrete canvas (like your driveway), hand them a paintbrush and let them release their inner artistic flair, as they paint portraits of one another using mud as paint.

DIRT is good!